Does Android as a mobile platform need any introduction?

Obviously not, since vast majority of mobile devices in use today are run on Android. Why Android is so popular? Because it offers robust scope of customization, phenomenal ease of use as well as flexible development.

Created by Google itself, Android is one of the fastest growing open source platforms and producers around the world are adapting to Android for other Electronic products like TVs, Media Players, Watches, Sound Systems, Medical Devices, Theatre Systems, etc.

Do you want to give your Smart Product or App a creative twist with custom look and feel?

Well, we are here to implement your custom development and design needs in your Android based product. AuroSys has been delivering a wide range of custom solutions on Android since the time it was introduced by Google.

AuroSys’ team of experts holds extensive expertise in Android Development, Customisation, Hardening and Integration. From a simple mobile application to enterprise application development, AuroSys is a preferred vendor for Startups, SMEs & Large Enterprises across the globe. Our wide range of services includes AOSP Android on Targeted Platforms & Virtual Platforms, Android Porting for LCDs, Touch Screens, USBs, HDMI Cameras, etc. and we have achieved top-notch Android Hardening and Customisation expertise on the framework & kernel level for custom UI Design, Development and Implementation.

Domain Expertise
Some of the key domain expertise we boast off include the following:

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