The Most Fascinating Cloud Computing Predictions For 2016
Jul 20,2016

With every passing year, the cloud emerges bright out of the murky sky to embrace the sunshine. 2016 will be no exception and Nostradamus says “unprecedented growth for all types of cloud applications”.

However behind this burgeoning growth and wider adoption of the cloud lies the birth and the fall of a number of trends that can go on to define the business landscape in the future. Read on to find out more about these deeply-rooted changes to be witnessed soon in the cloud ecosystem.

  • Cloud Security: When Your Foe Becomes A Friend

Cloud Security

A research by Harvard Business Review showed that 62% of organizations feared security of their data while moving to the cloud. In the upcoming years, this scenario is about to change as cloud vendors will deploy layers of protection that may almost be impossible for in-house replication. There will be equal focus on both physical as well as logical security measures with increased investments across a whole plethora of initiatives such as biometric scanners, encryption methods, regularized patching routines and establishment of detailed security zones.

Cloud Power: From Support To Innovation

The salty fragrance in the air is probably from the sea change in the power of cloud in defining innovation for a business. Since time immemorial, cloud has been praised as a strong enabler of business innovation and this “avatar” of cloud is about to take the right shape. With established vendors like Oracle offering complete automation in their cloud services, organization can now focus on not just collecting information but deriving useful insights from it. Smart players will use this gift of automation to develop creative tools for employee productivity, customer engagement or operational excellence.

Watch this video to understand how a robust cloud solution from Oracle connects the various layers of the enterprise to leverage the power of information.

Cloud Expands: To Cover 100% Of IT Development And Testing Tasks

Cloud Expands

With more and more vendors paving way for a clearer ROI, organizations will start to embrace the cloud for their IT development and testing tasks. Research indicates that 80% of the resources in the enterprise IT group are utilized for development-testing cycle and moving these tasks to the cloud will not only enhance organizational efficiency but also save costs (license and hardware costs). However, enterprises will continue to move the application on-premises for production in order to ensure that all regulatory demands are met.

Cloud Growth: To Cover Core Business Functions

Most people wouldn’t probably remember their last visit to a retail outlet for purchasing a video game and this is because it happened probably many years back. Like the video game industry, almost every sector has embraced the digital business model to meet the changing preferences of the customer.

Accenture predicts that business organizations will move towards platform innovation and the first step towards such ground-breaking initiatives would be accelerating the uptake of the cloud foundation.

Businesses must prepare their existing systems and processes to support rapid inorganic growth, faster innovation cycles and adherence to digital transformation. Thus, in order to support such growth initiatives, enterprises will focus on moving core functions to the cloud where agility and flexibility rule the roost.

Cloud Capabilities: Achieved Through Containers

Virtual machines have been a significant roadblock to implement cloud-native capabilities and Gartner predicts that containers will replace virtual machines in the application execution environment. Containers gain their edge from being easier entities for migration between groups and through the facilitation of continuous delivery.

The inability of virtual machines arises from being treated like physical machines and being managed through legacy processes. There have been companies like Uber and Amazon that have yet managed to implement a streamlined application lifecycle without allowing the virtual machines to be rebuilt through every step of the application cycle. 

In the upcoming years, containers will lay the foundation for the reengineering of enterprise IT and will result in acceleration of delivery timelines.

In a few words…

We have reached the second wave of cloud where the initial inhibitions will be shed and falsified shackles will break off. Organizations will begin to march towards a more consistent and innovation-enabled cloud environment.



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