Location technology has changed our experience to a great extent, right?
Well, BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy has emerged as a very popular location technology. It is known as a wireless standard for newer IoT products. It is mostly driven by its simplified protocol stack and an architecture defined for low-power radio communication. Bluetooth Smart is typically associated with portable devices for which operating time per charge is of paramount importance. You might question why it would be appropriate for use in home appliances operating off the wall plug power, but there are multiple reasons why it is a good fit.
What Beacons can do?
They can do a lot of things in delivering data as per context. Isn’t it nice to get promotional notification based on your preference, before reaching a store? Beyond indoor positioning with Wi-Fi, beacon technology has taken a massive step forward in ambient context identification, thus creating excellent opportunities for businesses to improve the way they interact with their customers. Beacons have now become a unique and sophisticated tool for businesses specifically for merchandising and advertising. An open, accessible and ubiquitous network benefits all constituents, propel innovations and foster a collaborative environment for the next decade.

AuroSys helps clients to leverage its expertise in the Beacons technology allowing them to target their potential customers at the right time delivering a personalized digital experience to ensure higher rate of conversion and progressive growth of the business.
Potential of Beacons is understood but what about delivering the technology with innovative products?
That is what we at AuroSys do. After unlocking the massive potential of Beacons, AuroSys builds on its vast experience in technology innovation to deliver end to end solutions for Beacons development including Hardware, Firmware, Mobility and Content delivery with Cloud connectivity for Business Analytics. With on-campus beacons we enable our clients to provide targeted services and data to Customers as well as Employees. Our team of beacon application engineers has deep expertise in developing apps for various industries such as Stadiums, Hotels, Malls, Retail Outlets, Advertising/Digital agencies and more. The Mobility team at AuroSys develops both Native & Cross Platform Apps for Beacons allowing our clients to deliver a superior user experience to their customers across all device interfaces.
AuroSys Offerings for BLE Product Development
Are you feeling intrigued of our services on BLE product development?
Please have a look at these offerings of ours:

AuroSys is also the official partner and provider of beacons complying with iBeacon and Eddystone
standards as well as mobility & cloud solutions with seamless integration.
Our Expertise
Now you should be convinced of our expertise in BLE. Here are the areas we have our proven expertise. AuroSys holds extensive expertise in:

We provide location centric mobile apps for:

  • Indoor Navigation
  • Proximity Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Contextual Information
  • Micro-location Targeting
  • Geo Fencing

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Why AuroSys?
Why choose us for BLE based innovations and app development.
Well, these credentials mentioned below can provide you the right reason.
Low Energy Bluetooth Product Use Cases
Some of the BLE Beacons Use Cases:

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