Mobile web has actually become the mainstream web in the present time. Do you know already more than 60% of web browsing happens over mobile platforms?

Well, this shows the rise of mobile web as a competitive force in regard to native mobile apps. Naturally, every business website needs to be mobile optimized now.

To shape your mobile presence with a mobile optimized website you need expert mobile web developers with recognized track record, right?

We, At AuroSys, can transform your existing website into a responsive mobile website which is accessible through any device, iPhone, Android or any other smartphone and tablet, without having to develop a native application for each device. By linking progressive enhancement techniques with CSS3 Media Queries, fluid grids and flexible images, our developers have an expertise in developing mobile web solutions that smartly adjust to different screen widths, orientations and data input methods.

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

The AuroSys Advantage
What are the typical advantages that make AuroSys a sought after company in mobile web development? Here are the key advantages:
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