An easy to use and attention grabbing User Interface(UI) is crucial for a business to communicate with users. On the other hand, rewarding and pleasing user experience in interacting with a web or mobile app is key to continue this engagement and convert it to business. Well, when it comes to beautiful UI and engaging UX for your website or mobile app, we at AuroSys, leave no leaf unturned to make it happen. Attractive UI and sophisticated UX designed by us helped a great many businesses prosper with steady user conversion.

Important facts to note:

It is already a well known fact that vast majority of users are visual learners. Especially in the discovery phase most consumers prefer the brand message visually. Consumers are increasingly reluctant to decipher the brand message through reading dense body of text. They are more willing to grab it with engaging visual interface.

Beautiful UI always does not convert into a great user experience. Eye catchy visuals apart, what user experience needs is intuitive layout and absolute ease of use. It has been seen that world’s most reputed brands incorporated in their website both appealing UI and very interactive as well as engaging UX.

The Product/Application Design is the first step to creating an ever lasting impact on potential customers. AuroSys holds decade worth of experience in creating Brands and not just designs!
If the objective of your website is to deliver contents required by your users, how easily and engagingly you deliver the same is important for business conversion. We help your web content grab attention and ensure engagement in the following ways:
Our Process

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Our Offerings
  • Strategic Corporate Identity Management
  • UI and UX Design Planning
  • UI Wire-Framing and Prototyping
  • Determining & Profiling Audience
  • Market & Brand Competitive Analysis
  • Creative Brief & Enhanced UX
  • Creating design optimised for mobile interface
  • SEO targeted design
  • Usability Testing for UI and UX
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