Blisk, A Blessing For Web Developers
Aug 27,2016

Are you a web developer? If yes, you are already familiar with the challenges different devices offer in developing and designing a website that can responsively fit into various screens and devices, right? Well, as mobile devices continue to get diverse with different screen sizes, web developers often find it challenging to address the design elements for different screen dimensions and resolutions and their task becomes more challenging with the combination of different browsers they are opened with. Expressly to address this challenge a completely developer friendly web browser has arrived. This new browser called ‘Blisk’ will help web solutions services and developers working for web based enterprise mobility management solutions worldwide.

Blisk is a specific web browser that is made for web developers and so, common web surfers will hardly find anything of special interests while using it. This browser is developed with the objective of catering to the web developers who can utilize it for testing the responsiveness of their web design across devices and platforms. By using Blisk they can be free from the need of switching between devices and browsers while testing their design.

Wait, it is a browser for developers but that does not mean it would be hard to get on with common browsing. Our experience with the browser rather tells quite the contrary.  The ad based browser Chromium offers unparalleled ease of use. Web solutions services across the niches will find it particularly helpful because of the unmatched testing capability ensuring stunning look, feel, and performance for the end users. Some of the key attributes that made this browser unique include the following:-

  • Blisk allows absolutely easy testing with emulated mobile device interfaces built in
  • Blisk allows seamless syncing across URL , desktop, and mobile devices
  • Any change in the web files gets automatically reflected with real-time refresh
  • Blisk comes with an array of debugging tools effective for both desktop and mobile device
  • Blisk responds to different IDE, language and frameworks without a glitch

Inbuilt Mobile Device Emulation

Blisk is different from most other browsers mainly on account of the developer-friendly attributes. Among these attributes, the inbuilt mobile device emulation is a great feature allowing real-time code testing across different devices and browsers. If you as a developer always fancied of a browser that allows seamless testing across multiple devices, this is the browser for you.

Scroll Sync Feature

There is a feature in Blisk called scroll sync that allows comparing the same visual page elements across desktop and mobile devices.  Naturally, with the comparison made simple you can concentrate on coding. Moreover, scroll sync feature makes it inexplicably easy to test the responsiveness of the layout quickly in different devices.

Auto Refresh

The browser is really formidable for ensuring quick real time output. It has automatic refresh feature that ensures updating page content every now and then without requiring to reload the tabs to visualize the changes made. On top of this, there is a screenshot feature that offers easy documentation of all the technical problems with just a single click. To make the feature further robust, all screenshots can be saved in cloud storage to allow access to the members of the web developer teams.


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