Is Artificial Intelligence Adding A Touch of Emotions? Really?
Oct 13,2016

Well, you don’t have to rake your brain to find some pretty obvious instances of artificial intelligence. It is pretty much in everywhere. From the automated cars to chatbots to social algorithms, you have some amount of artificial intelligence in everywhere. We interact with them often in the regular course of our lives and we forget that they are powered by AI. So, Artificial Intelligence or AI has literally come a long way. It now mimics human endeavors and actions in myriad ways. But still now, we have not heard robots or any AI based devices behave emotionally except for the science fictions.

A New AI promise, Really?

Well, there has been some new light shed by research on artificial intelligence in the recent times. But unlike many other tall claims and insignificant findings the latest AI research conducted by veteran Russian scientist Alexei Samsonovich is completely different. The new AI capability that has been revealed by Alexei Samsonovich and his team of researchers at Cybernetics Department at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, look towards the human and machine interaction in a totally different way. According to the researchers, the AI enabled gadgets living with the human beings can easily be controlled through a console or mobile app.

The Progress Made And The Challenge Ahead

Researchers always stated that the Virtual agents and robots should always be built responsively to address the human condition of other peoples around us. A typical human response served as clippings or small bytes of message would not have any value until that can make machines learn and behave responsively. Actually, irrespective of the progress made in the area of machine learning still we could make little progress in making machines behave in a humanely way. That has been the biggest challenge for the AI researchers worldwide until now.

The Role Of AI In Modern Life

The Role Of AI In Modern Life

It would be a serious mistake if we do not take into account the huge role AI plays in our everyday life. People, who still think AI is going to be the last nails in the coffin of the humanity by referring to the fictional reign of machines over mankind, are actually reveling in a reverie fetched from a distant reality. At present, the main problem lies in incorporating AI in our lives more meaningfully creating more value for our lives. Well, AI is already capable of interacting with our commands and reactions but obviously, they have not been equipped to deal with the grey matter of human brain corresponding to our moods, emotions, and imaginative faculties. The latest research by Mr. Alexei Samsonovich has focused in this still unperturbed and unintelligible area.

The Huge Promise Of Human Robots

The Huge Promise Of Human Robots

Just think of the reality in which virtual agents and robots are behaving like humans allowing closer cooperation and communication with the humans. Does this sound something straight out of the science fiction? Well, before your perception and sense of reality is trained for such a huge overhaul, it can stealthily become a perceptible reality blurring the division between reality and the virtual world further. This impending reality is only getting closer with new innovations and research findings. The new finding by the Russian scientist is only making us more hopeful and optimistic for such a future.


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