A Step Ahead For Technology, A Big Stride For Business
Oct 20,2016

Hype is just a stir on the surface. It may gradually ripen into an upheaval or just can vanish without any sustainable impact. In the world of technology, hypes are common but all hype do not survive to make a robust effect in business.

In this way, we have seen countless new technologies and gadgets are being succumbed by others. While the ebb and flow of innovation will continue without end some technologies will result in big strides or giant leaps for business. Some technologies will make a complete business world upon it. Well, in just a decade we have seen the world going extremely high tech in its approach to living and business.

For the early adopters of the app ecosystem, it was a promising step, though most businesses did not have the idea of how this is going to add value. Down the line in five years, they now take pride as early adopters since app became a demanding digital presence for the businesses. So, while adopting certain technology can be assessed as a small step it can actually prove to a bigger and valuable leap for the business. In the present world Internet of Things (IoT) demands that business adoption, that giant leap into the future.

More Organizations Are Adopting

With the maturity of the IoT ecosystem, a lot of organizations including start-ups and large enterprises are adopting it. As per the recent survey report of IDC 73% business respondents either embraced IoT already in their business or are preparing to do it as soon as possible. The same report says that 72% of respondents in healthcare sector consider IoT valuable because of its transformative power.  In the transportation and manufacturing sector, respectively 67% and 66 % respondents consider IoT valuable.

Grave Impact On Business

Grave Impact On Business

The impact of IoT on business will be huge if the companies focus on delivering personalized user experience. Instead of considering it Internet of Things businesses should focus on it as the Internet of “My” Things as expressed individually by users. Actually, this difference of user experience for each user plays the key role in the evolution of IoT. Unique, contextual benefits for individual users will be key to push the growth for the IoT ecosystem.

Does your company help clients find real value with the line of IoT products? Well, the IoT ecosystem of gadgets and connected apps should focus on creating real business value for diverse sectors and niches. Obviously, the approach for energy and utilities will be lot different than travel, logistics, healthcare or say, manufacturing. Moreover, strategic partnership and guidance from leading companies in business intelligence can further equip you to deal with the emerging challenges in IoT adoption.

A Breakthrough Change

A Breakthrough Change

Look, IoT unlike other useful technologies in the form of gadgets and apps, does not offer anything to lay your hands on. It represents basically the connected ecosystem of gadgets, apps, and interfaces. This is the collaborative system of data and devices intersecting with user contexts. So, with IoT, the so-called generalized ease of use make no sense, but the context of use is more important than ever.

IoT holds the promise of connecting the tech landscape in a unified system. Though it is the contextual ease for the users in making his way through a new connected reality, remains crucial to its success.


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