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Sep 13,2016

Saving your files or collaborating with people over the cloud has already taken over the so called local storage based computing. With Cloud at your side you don’t need a desk or an office and often your business runs on without the accountants.

Obviously, cloud made business operations and business tasks easier than ever. You can write a report now from the comfort of your home and share it with a cloud app accessed from elsewhere by other parties. Let us now have a look at the various beneficial attributes of cloud in business operation.

Build Mobile Apps Fast, For Everyone

Mobile App Development

Let us offer an example how cloud platform revolutionized mobile app development. Thanks to cloud service a developer now can change the way you engage business associates and partners, customers, and employees. A reputed Platform as a Service (PaaS) will allow you to build robust apps with whatever patterns, templates and other resources needed for it.

Put Mobile Apps To Work

Mobile Apps

Field operation: Thanks to cloud apps the field operations of any company can become more productive, time bound and responsive. As Cloud allows no lag time the employees can address a problem in real time over a network.

Operations: Cloud services allow easier, smoother and faster connection among business components and resources. The perfect app powered by cloud service can help address several business issues related to supply chain or inventory or inspections right through a mobile interface. Besides, it helps project management and leveraging the potential of social collaboration to ensure higher productivity.

IT: Cloud most notably helped to transform IT administration and IT operation in enterprises. Cloud, first of all, helps automate the app or software development process by allowing easy availability of various resources and also by helping developers to track progress and evaluate.

HR: HR needs to hire best talents and retain them within the company by ensuring their development, growth, and productivity. An employee life cycle starting from the onboarding to training to progressive development can be better managed through cloud-ready social HR apps.

Retail: Thanks to Cloud a more custom suited and personalized shopping experience can be delivered by retail stores. Cloud-based apps because of seamless access to data on product movement, product availability, inventory management and real-time customer information can help making the shopping experience more rewarding than ever.

Life Sciences: In health and life sciences including the latest research on biotechnology real-time access to data plays a decisive role and cloud-based health-apps help augment this accessibility.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise Grade Security

With cloud-based apps tailor-made for a business, the business apps, and critical data will have more protection than ever, thanks to the trustworthy cloud platform.  Typically, a robust cloud platform helps monitor access, authentication measures, multi-user management, and device level management. From signup process to accessibility of business data, it takes care of all.

Offline Access

For business users, it is important to defy the logic of unavailability of data because of network absence. That is why cloud services became so popular as they often make data accessible when no network coverage is available. With offline access to data obviously the productivity gets a boost. Cloud apps thanks to their advanced caching mechanism ensure robust offline access.


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