Tips For Creating EMM Strategy
Jan 03,2017


Do you think that management is the crucial focal point of the mobile enterprise strategy in your organisation? If you think in that way you are probably missing some truths. Let us try to explain it.

  • The Limitations With Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Enterprise mobility management (EMM) deserves now to be the actual centrepiece to guide your mobile strategy. It is basically rooted into mobile device management (MDM). Thanks to this IT administrators in any enterprise enforce the needed passcodes, track device location and remotely wipe out the crucial business data preventing unsolicited access when a device is stolen or lost. While these capabilities are crucial for data security, they cannot address all of the security threats pertaining to enterprise mobility. MDM is inequipped in many respects. For instance, it cannot prevent a trustworthy employee from doing the mistake of uploading data to an unsecured cloud service. Moreover, in dealing with lost or stolen device MDM has a very ‘do or die’ kind of approach. For example, when venturing to wipe out device data remotely MDM not only deletes business data but all the stored data in the respective device. So, such security measure actually threatens the personal data of employees as well. Following such an action when a lost device is recovered the employee may find all his personal data including family images and media files are missing.

  • After MDM, what…?

So, MDM had to succumb to a better and more effective security protocol offering granular and precise control over all contributing factors. So, as part of the enterprise mobile management (EMM) we have two components respectively as, mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM). Thanks to these new and specific EMM components enterprise IT enjoys richer, deeper and more granular control. These components ensures total control over certain apps and business data while leaves aside personal apps and unnecessary data. The new mobile management components are focused more on corporate assets than the whole device data.

Even after coming with these developments EMM is still not fully equipped to deal with all kinds of security threats and glitches and still it is in developing state. With mobility having so much to offer for business operation, even EMM does not represent a succinct strategy for the enterprise security in the time to come.

  • Let Us Evaluate The Cost


Security breaches can prove expensive for any business? But, what such data breach cost really? Well, some recent statistics in this respect can be revealing. A study published by Ponemon Institute researchers revealed that the cost for the data breaches around the globe costs around $3.8 million which is at least 10% more from the study figure published an year ago.

  • The Promise Ahead

While the threat of data breaches will continue to loom larger with the proliferation of mobility and workplace automation as well as connected reality, a single platform interface for managing diversity of devices can prevent this risk. A quality EMM platform with robust granular level monitoring can prevent risks by addressing the challenges at the very beginning. For example, such platform can be able to remotely switch off the device after assessing any imminent security risks.


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