What Enterprises Should Consider When Transitioning From MEAP to MADP?
Jan 20,2017


While most enterprises are increasingly adapting to the mobility and taking positive steps in utilising mobile apps for their businesses including both internal and external operations, the entire transition involves some challenges and it is always not being smooth. The transition today needs to address not only choosing the right MEAP but they are more concerned about choosing the the right MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform). As the so called consumer mobile apps development is quite different from the enterprise mobile solutions, MDAP deserves a distinct focus.

  • What is MADP?

MADP basically refers to Mobile Application Development Platform. It refers to any of the operating system on which an app is developed. When an OS is used for building enterprise grade apps on them it is referred as an MDAP platform. In this way we can refer to MADP Android OS, iOS/Mac OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile OS etc.

  • MEAP to MADP transformation, the significance for enterprises?

As the technology is advancing at rapid pace, MEAP is turning towards MADP. Today almost all of the Mobile App Development Platforms (MADP) are allowing backend integration, design frameworks, middleware support etc. Just to keep pace with the advanced mobile devices today’s MDAP platforms are offering as many add-ons and extended features as possible. Naturally, enterprise apps now can easily incorporate the state f the art features in their apps.

  • Is MEAP a part of MADP? Well, it’s not wrong to say that

As the current trends stand,  making a business process embrace mobility is not a choice but a necessity. When the deployment of MADP will be effective it will be able to work well with the existing backend and middleware to allow business app and data access on handheld devices. The MADP bu ensuring the common services and features will allow easier interaction and help reducing time and cost for business processes.

  • What are the types of technologies MADP service providers work with?

MADP service providers ensure smooth and business focused mobile interactions in the following ways.


  • For native app development native toolkits of the respective OS
    is used
  • For cross platform web apps web based toolkits are used
  • To make enterprise apps become compatible with variety of OS and devices cross platform development suited are used.


Enterprises have to keep consistent focus on creating the suitable environment for building apps that can ensure a consistent user experience across platforms and devices. An organisation comprises a diversity of device users with equally varied OS platforms and naturally the enterprise needs to ensure consistent user experience across all of them. Maintaining transparency at all levels of the business process and striking the right balance between accessibility and control will be crucial to the success of the MDAP.
If you are not fully equipped with the required insights and expertise versed in latest technologies, identifying the right MDAP can be challenging. Understanding the needs of your enterprise and delivering to the specific business requirements while maintaining transparency, ease of access, control and security is crucial. Having the right strategy along with in-house experts can be an added advantage. But in absence of your inhouse experts, you can always seek professional services and ensure deploying the right MDAP for your enterprise.

Khushboo Jobanputra
Khushboo Jobanputra
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