With the fast-paced transformation into a Digital World, businesses and industry experts are struggling to keep up with an overwhelming flow of digitalized information, but using Watson, AuroSys, a pioneer IBM Business Partner helps enterprises analyze, understand and streamline information to bridge gaps in up to date business knowledge, helping decision makers glean better insights. With Watson, discoveries and advances happen more quickly and decisions can be made faster with more confidence.

Watson also democratizes enterprise expertise by scaling knowledge, experience, and intuition that once was limited to only a few key players in the business. In better words, rather than having a single expert or group of experts,

Watson ingests that expertise, giving easy access to knowledge to everyone across the enterprise. Watson represents an entirely new model of cognitive computing, meaning it understands all types of data and it isn’t programmed, it learns to help your business evolve. AuroSys has been delivering extensive solutions across a wide range of industries through Watson’s open developer platform. IBM continues to expand Watson’s abilities, enabling AuroSys to bring its own creativity and aspirations as we help our customer’s businesses with cognitive computing technology for deeper insights.

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Watson Explorer
Watson Explorer is a technology platform that accesses and analyzes structured and unstructured content. Explorer presents Data, Analytics and Cognitive Insights in a single view. Explorer gives you the information you’re looking for while also helping understand trends, patterns and relationships with consumers & target audiences.
How does Watson Explorer benefit businesses?
Explores and Presents Relevant Data and Analytics
  • Access Enterprise, Cloud and External Data
  • Quickly view relevant Data, Analytics and Cognitive Insights in one place
  • Create Apps that pull in multiple Data Sources
Analyzes Information to Reveal Insights
  • Analyze unstructured data to reveal new insights
  • Reveal Trends and Patterns hidden in unstructured content
  • Get information tailored to business needs
Interprets information with Watson APIs
  • Integrate Watson Cognitive APIs
  • Help Employees understand content
  • Make better business decisions
Watson Analytics

IBM released the Watson Analytics to offer deeper insights to businesses using benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity of having to evaluate information manually. AuroSys uses its smart data discovery service available on the cloud that guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless, user friendly Dashboard and Infographic creations for greater productivity.

Watson Analytics provides the complex math as well as coding of analytics and AuroSys helps businesses to leverage this technology for your enterprise to simplify the decision making process generating more value for employees as well as customers. Smart data discovery gives us an upper edge to help our customers via Predictive Modeling, Data Preparation, Dashboards and Visualizations, in just a few clicks.

How AuroSys can help you grow with Watson Analytics?
Get Instant Answers to Business Questions.
  • Use your own words to visualize your data
  • Add custom data or tap into different data sources
  • Discover trends & associations with visual data representation
Know your Customers
  • Get detailed insights into customer behavior & preferences
  • Set targets to identify top contributors to your business
  • Understand and Predict business outcomes
Connect with your Customers
  • Choose or Create templates to help customers understand your product or services
  • Simply drag and drop information to create attractive visual representation
  • Drive more customer engagement via personalization
Analyze Trusted Data
  • Explore, Predict & Assemble business data
  • Analyze & Compare data received in various digital forms
  • Ensure Data synchronization for accurate information

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