5 Ways by Which Internet of Things (IoT) Will Impact Digital Marketing
May 30,2016

IoT is the new real technological revolution that will impact everything we do, and change the face of technology as we know it.

Of course, we already are in the Internet of Things (IoT).

We see it everywhere.

From the way our smartphones and iPads has displaced traditional desktop monitors, to the new explosion of screens that is constantly playing on our fingertips, these number of IoT connected devices – are everyday items, appliances and gadgets that are filling up the space we live and work in.

What is notable, however, about these devices is that they generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human intervention and is creating the largest ‘device’ market; more that all the smartphone, tablet and PC markets combined.

Yes, we’re talking about our everyday connected cars, health sensors, Google Glass, Smart refrigerators, Smart TVs, FitBits, Smartwatches and more.

And these connected devices aren’t just changing the way consumers live and play – instead they’re dramatically reshaping entire industries. The sheer amount of data that is being produced gives digital companies the leverage to improve their operations, serve their customers betters, and create entirely new ways of doing business.

Here are five ways by which the IoT is impacting the digital marketing sector –

E-commerce Will Hum As A Heart Beat – Constant, Ever Present

Digital commerce, as we know it will become a constant blip on our heart monitor –omnipresent, and ticking.

Digital CommerceWith every interaction, questions like why your products are purchased, and used, and what should be the interaction will smoothen out and will become a budding natural and imperceptible transaction. Product managers would begin to adjust pricing in real-time, using Internet-enabled smart tags to lower prices on promotional or low-turnover items or increase pricing on higher-demand items. They will also be able to tailor their marketing efforts towards specific customers.

All this will be possible as smart devices will be able to gather this data and supply it back to marketers in real time, and in turn one can monitor the interactions, provide useful feedback instantaneously, and create informed marketing strategies to improve ROI

Opting-in Will Magnify Beyond CRM

The Internet of Things exert incredible power to both disrupt and enrich our digital lives. In one way it will allow us to divulge all the intimate information and put it in the hands of marketers who will control or input into the same data.

While most marketers have already incorporated the fundamentals of mobility, the digital industry is only scraping the surface of what’s possible. Compelled by new-fangled mobile form factors, smart devices and the unescapable fact that anything that can be connected, will be connected – is driving brands to be more nimble, and provide their customers with solutions.

Big Data Will Move To Smart Data

Big DataIoT or the connected ‘Things’ will present a whole new world of customer information, or indications, for marketers to use. Firstly, digital marketers need to figure whether brand utility can be derived successfully by harnessing this information, and create more personalized online and offline experiences.

And secondly, individuals that do, will need to understand how to best apply all these additional data signals to drive audience and move from big data to nifty data.

IoT Will Bring Great Digital Personalization On The Table

Connected appliances and devices shall be able to leverage the advancements the industry has already made in personalization – i.e. in terms of user inclinations, relevancy algorithms, location based platform, remarketing, and targeted commendations. All this will enable companies to become responsive to the last very most minute and individual points.

Remote sensors and technologies on the cloud will all companies to optimize a customer’s experience by capturing relevant data, analysing in context and automatically adapting or offering suggestions.

A good example is IoT which has already been put into good use around social media. It allows to automate posts and shares that are regularly generated by the devices themselves, helping marketers to create newer online communities that are developed around users of particular devices.

IoT Is The Thin Line That Connects A User’s Entire Physical Life To The Digital World

And thinking of this itself opens a whole new world of possibilities. Right from the information of peoples entertainment habits, to what they eat, drink, how they sleep, how much they exercise, promises a deeper understanding to your brand’s consumer.

It is of no wonder then why Google recently announced its acquisition of Nest, or why IBM is on full-fledged Watson’s artificial intelligence development. For in a humungous connected consumer world it is a gold mine for data and insight.

The Internet of Things is here to stay; in fact it’s hurling at you at lightning speed and; with an expected 75 million billion connections by 2020, it will make things as smart as your marketing strategy.



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