Does Your Business Still Lack an IoT Strategy? Consider These Reasons To Have One
Oct 25,2016

Consider the way we are practically surrounded by gadgets and interfaces. There are smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and now smart car computing system to an array of smart home appliances to the latest range of smart wearable devices. As per an estimate of IDC, there will be a whopping 30 billion connected devices by the time we reach 2020. Now think of the diversity and volume of data being transmitted among them. Does not your mind instantly understand the huge potential of this data for delivering insights?

Well, most businesses just lack a strategy to make use of this volume of data used and transmitted among connected devices. This network of devices is what we call as Internet of Things and every business should have an IoT strategy to unlock the potential of this volume of information for their business. Are you still on the lookout for a solid reason for embracing an IoT strategy for your business? Well, we propose these following reasons to consider.

1. Make Use Of Your Own IoT Data

Your business produces loads of data day in and day out, right? Naturally, when looking for data driven business insights you hardly need to look for other sources. But, the main problem is to manage and maneuver this bucket of data for real actionable insights. Well, with an IoT strategy and dedicated analytics in place you can easily gain competitive insights, predict trends and gain customer insights.

2. Data-Driven Operation To Match Expectation

Can you guarantee all the business elements behaving the way you want them? Does your business operation produce the result you expect from them? Well, a connected workplace with too many apps and diverse elements to distract employee focus often offers a big challenge to manage resources and ensure optimum efficiency. How to deal with this cacophony of apps and maze of devices causing workplace distractions? A solid IoT strategy can easily take care of device usage and resources in a concerted manner and can drive operational efficiency.

3. Data-Driven Enterprise Security

When it comes to enterprise data security, most businesses actually end up taking a skeptic look at the ever increasing devices and interfaces at the workplace. Well, volumes of gadgets and apps in use at the workplace can only be threatening to data security if your business lacks an IoT strategy to deal with the connected devices. Moreover, with an IoT strategy in place your devices and IT resources can enjoy an additional security through the predictive insights concerning any imminent or probable environmental damage, calamity or security breaches.

4. Cloud-Based Operation For Ease And Efficiency

When it comes to cloud-driven operation, most businesses still consider themselves inept to embrace the cloud in their business. Do you know why? It is simply because cloud is mostly explained as an alternative non-device specific storage solution, not as a connectivity solution that gadgets can actively depend on upon. With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth led connected reality of devices, now cloud services once again became important. The increasing volumes of data produced by the IoT devices will now be unlocked by analytics-driven data apps for business insights. Already big players have embraced cloud extensively followed by mid-grade ones and so a rise of cloud-based IoT apps seem to be the next big reality.


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