IoT: The New Tech Horizon That is Continuing To Grow Bigger and Looming Large
Aug 02,2016

IoT is no longer hype, it is already one massive reality. Do you have any doubt? Even after fathoming the interconnected reality across home, workplace and transport, can you still think of IoT in future terms? No, no one of us can turn our eyes from the robust force of connected reality that is growing stronger every passing day.

This is no longer an untold story that we are waiting for to unfold before us. But, IoT represents the era of technology and a new reality that is slowly encompassing the known world around us. So, unlike gadgets and new breakthroughs in tech landscape the scope of IoT is spanned over every technology and interface.  Its power to transform our life, vocations, and business already proved to be enormous.

IoT Is Maturing Rapidly

IoT Is Maturing Rapidly

The typically connected reality of gadget ecosystem represented as IoT is maturing with every passing day. As organizations and enterprises are already exposed to mobility and cloud-based access encompassing diverse devices, the connected reality is already there. Enterprises are only adopting to the new IoT platforms to gain from this interconnected gadget ecosystem even more.  Let us furnish some statistics in favor of this huge role of IoT in businesses. According to a recent survey by IDC, 73% of businesses already deployed IoT or planning for the same within a year.

IoT Is Invincible For Machine Learning And Autonomy

IoT as per its core value is basically allowing the smart machines of various degree of complexity in communication and production to pave the way for data derived intelligence which will give more autonomy to machines and even make them intelligent in carrying out certain actions without human involvement.  With the connected gadgets on a smart platform machines will be more equipped to learn contexts and accordingly take a decision into action. For all complex business processes, machine learning will pave the way to more autonomy of machines. This is going to be the biggest contribution of IoT.

Quicker And Result Drove Business Process

IoT Business Process

The actual impact of IoT on business is already prominent through the rapid contextual interactions facilitated by connected interfaces and access to multiple device information for the real-time decision of buying or selling. In the retail sector, the connected beacons with the payment terminals and customer’s mobile devices already helped to make an easy transaction in quickest possible time.

A Complete Shift Of Digital Reality

Digital Reality

Do you think deploying IoT is cost intensive for the enterprises? That’s wrong, actually the new gadget ecosystem coupled up with a bevy of sophisticated computing platforms, sophisticated location sensors and mobile apps and tools already made workplace interaction more fluid, contextual and intuitive, reducing costs in more ways than one. This is the precise reason why too many enterprises these days are ready to grab the new IoT platform. IoT truly represents a horizon of opportunities and scopes for any business now.

It is really a new world we are living in. As most individuals these days prefer to stay home because of their handheld devices and connected gadgets, IoT as a new tech reality will only prosper to address the communication gap and breakdown of information among gadgets. With the majority of enterprises adopting to IoT and connected gadgets, it can be dubbed as the present and future of digital world.




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