The Major Impediments To The Growth Of IoT In Enterprises
Jun 14,2016

Internet of Things (IoT), the yet-to-encounter celebrity trend that every industry sector is talking about!

IoT is hyped too much! But why not? Everyone obviously wants a slice of the $11 billion cake! But the voyage of a traditional enterprise through the complex maze of changes to turn itself into the optimized avatar for the Internet of Things is everything but easy.

People, processes and pain points related to the technology must be weathered for the big change and the first step towards this mammoth revolution is the understanding of the barriers.

Read on to find out what major roadblocks lay ahead of the journey to IoT. Find out if they are only small bumps or terminal road closures for the larger enterprises across various industry sectors.

IoT - Major Roadblocks

The major roadblocks to IoT as represented by a research conducted by Gartner

Everything Around You Needs An Identity

An identity is often associated with people. When the great minds of the world nurtured the inner greed to make devices connect and talk, probably little did they realize that these devices would demand an identity too!

Businesses must prepare their organization to revamp the traditional measures of cyber security and the by-now-obsolete approaches of access management. Identities must be drawn to define relationships between devices and humans and the business environment must be prepared to change its rules, failing which security breaches will ruin the whole game.

Knock! Knock! Is There Privacy In Here?

IoT PrivacyTechnology and privacy are always coupled like soul mates. Whenever any technology emerges, privacy comes to question! And IoT is no exception. Participating in the world of IoT means sharing a very high magnitude of data and it is multiple times in a day. Enterprises must work towards building the trust factor by preparing their system with measures like customer preference management. A lot must go into handing over the consent and choice right in the hands of the users.

Lack Of A Convincing Business Case

IoT in enterprises is certainly a big dose of development and growth. But the lack of a strong business case may cause havoc to the investment. Not every enterprise focuses on articulating and quantifying a compelling business need before embarking on a large project in the IoT-enabled landscape. This certainly can be a major drawback when it comes to realizing the ROI.

IoT – For The People; By The People; Of The People

The adoption of IoT solutions greatly depends on the user. While connected things are a technical possibility it needs IoT optimists to sell them as well as to buy them. An enterprise must be able to convince its technical community to be able to believe in the idea and also develop a user centric approach to sell the idea. As much as processes and procedures are the core to IoT, so are people.

For instance, a single IoT deployment is typically cross-functional in its very nature. It cuts through departments starting from development to sales and marketing and customer service. Such an integrated approach to deliver successfully, takes the power of people to believe and work together. Like any other technology, IoT continues to face skepticism.

The Good News

The Good News
The Internet of Things has no lack of hype; not even the lack of maturity. It can be defined as revolutionary tech idea that needs people, process and prophets of change.

With these highly demanding speed breakers that lay across the path taken care, the true potential will take its best form. Time that is enriched with the right measures will open the gateway of multiple opportunities and a truly changed world.




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