5 Top Mobile App Design Trends To Watch In 2017
Jan 18,2017


The wisdom of keeping a close watch on trends and grabbing them may sound common but it is what helps an app designer to beat the competition. For a startup it is more important to follow the trend and adjusting to it than the established ones.

Have you given it a thought what mobile app design is going to look like in 2017 and beyond? Well, while the New Year is knocking at the door, it is time to gear up for the upcoming design trends in mobile apps. Let us have a look at some of the trends that are going to shape mobile app design in 2017.

  1. Return To Skeuomorphis

After the reign of flat design for several years in a row, Skeuomorphism is again back at the scene. Though flat design will not fade away anytime soon, Skeuomorphism design elements will continue to mix over and above the flat design. The gradients, shadows and real world depth around screen elements will create offer a versatile design when combined with overall flat interface.

  1. Lot Of Creative Experiments In Scrolling

Tweaking with the scrolling has taken a kickstart from some time among the app design trends and in the coming year this will only add to the variety and diversity in look and feel. While users no longer likes to browse through pages in the same traditional way, various types of scrolling continued to boom including horizontal, infinite and parallax. These scrolling techniques creatively used can render more sophistication, ease of use and versatility. In 2017 we can expect designers to depend more on these scrolling techniques.

  1. Wearables Extension

Already most of the first grade successful iOS apps have their wearable versions and a vast majority of apps are gearing up for the wearable presence. In 2017 more number of apps will take on the wearable platform and this would open up the door of more customisation in apps. As wearable market is spreading, app marketers have to focus more on smart wearable apps.

  1. Negative Space

The negative space on app screen is a new web inspired trend that has been popular because of clean and clutter free interface easy access to become a recent trend. In fact calling them a design element won’t be wrong anywhere. If the blank space is used properly in combination with skeuomorphism and flat design you can have a creatively simplified User Interface and improved User experience. If implemented properly the year 2017 can help you get your users focused on specific elements.

5. Microinteractions

Little feedbacks that make users informed about any action is not something new to the web developers and users. But these little interactions only became more important with the mobile devices opening new possibilities of interacting with the users. Since it earned huge focus from designers in 2015 it continued to have a dominating presence with every designer keen on incorporating microinteractions. The recent technologies like advanced haptic feedback engines and 3D Touch features will push the growth of microinteractions.

To conclude, in 2017 we can see several mobile app design trends to stabilise and few trends to transform into new experiences. With the continuing focus on engaging interface and better user experience, the UI design will continue to tend to simplicity with the only exception of few real life effects like gradients, tactile touch, etc.


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