Hey! Get Ready for More Powerful iPhone with iOS 10
Jul 04,2016

iOS 10 has just arrived and it hit the market with a vigorous roar! Hey! What do you think? All these fusses around the new Apple OS are just a marketing ploy behind just another OS update from the tech giant? Well, before you count up to hundred I can convince you that the roar is pretty justified. Really, iOS 10 offers such a regimen of features that hardly you could ever see with any of the earlier updates. A refurbished lock screen and home app to Siri becoming available for a lot of third party apps to all new feature rich, intuitive and real-time search enabled Maps app to revamped music app to a dedicated TV app, what more do you want dude? Are you still not convinced? Do you still harbor some doubts about the unmatched power of iOS 10? Ok, maybe the following details on the iOS 10 highlights may be effective to take a new look at it.

A Refurbished Lock Screen And Home App

Apple iOS 10 Lock Screen

iOS 10 completely shocked us with delights when it comes to lock screen responsiveness.  How many times you wished your phone to get up from sleep as soon as you grab it and keep in your hand? Well, we grab and pick the phone for some specific reason. With an understanding of this Apple introduced in iOS an all new ‘Raise to wake’ feature. Thanks to this you can wake up the lock screen just by lifting the device up.

Siri Is Available For More Apps Now

Apple iOS 10 SiriThis time, Apple took a new approach in making Siri better. Earlier Siri was available mainly for operating the device and the company apps. Now, you can give commands to another app through Siri as well. This opening up of Siri for other apps has opened new possibilities for the app developers.  Tell your messaging app to send a message to Mr. X saying that you are busy, Siri will give the command to the respective app for doing what you have told it o do. So, from now Siri can take let you take control of most apps through voice command.

App Maps Getting Better

One of the biggest areas of improvement that we have seen with iOS 10 is the more powerful Apple Maps app. Besides offering more contextual and location specific predictions and suggestions the UI is much engaging and proactive now. From offering real-time traffic data to suggesting you the shortest route to reach your destination to suggesting and recommending best restaurants in an area. The new Map App is now more powerful.

New Redesigned Music App

Apple iOS 10 Music AppFor quite a long time Apple users are demanding for a new Music app in look, feel and usability and finally the company responded to its audience with a befitting app. In the new Music app, there is a special ‘download’ section and a ‘For You’ section allowing the creation of curated playlists by the users.

More Powerful And Fun Packed Messaging

Apple iOS 10 Messaging

In the new message app, users can play videos right in the middle of a text message. Besides that, the words in a message will be automatically identified to replace them with emojis. When texting a message all you need to do is to tap on the word with emoji options and it readily becomes an emoji.


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