Mobile Solutions For The Much-Needed Makeover Of Your Sales Team
May 26,2016

The world is talking about going mobile!

From mobile apps that fix dinner dates to large corporate organizations pushing productivity through the BYOD strategy, mobile solutions are the panacea for all problems in this rough-and-tumble business world

With more than 90% of sales firms well on their way to implement mobile technology, it may be fair to declare that sales processes are by far one of the strongly mobile-influenced business functions.

So what mobile solutions can really go into the depth of sales operations and nurture their growth for better revenue?

Mobile Devices

Did you know New York sewers have alligators???

Well, that’s the reaction that sales teams without mobile devices deserve!!

Shocking and completely irrational!

With time, sales processes have changed. To start with, competition has aggravated, sales operations have become dispersed and ways of engaging customers has become more multi-faceted than ever.

Mobile Devices

The sales team needs the power of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to ensure that they have the accuracy of data and agility of operations to win over their customers as well as the competition.

Mobile devices for the sales team,

  • Offers access to a whole plethora of productivity applications (which we will explore in detail in the following section)
  • Allows salespersons to work independently through the day and night
  • Turns the team more chic that booting up the laptop during every casual customer visit.

Case Study:

In 2015, L’Oreal Canada equipped it sales team with HP’s ElitePad 900 G2 tablets in order to replace the mishmash of old laptops and clumsy operations. The new lightweight device was a smart way for employees to deal with the 6 billion products of the brand and yet seamlessly promote growth.

Mobile Applications

A good chunk of the million mobile applications found today have been designed to promote sales processes.

There is Keynote and Sliderocket for making engaging product presentations on the go, Repsly for team management, Meeting Mapper to streamline customer meetings, Funnelsource for analyzing and reporting sales insights, Handshake for showcasing product catalogues, Concur to manage travel itineraries, Badger Maps to locate the closest leads and Expect Success to keep the road warriors motivated in their mission.

Mobile Applications

While mobile apps for the team enhance their efficiency, customer-facing mobile apps are directly connected to a sales opportunity without much exploratory expense. Features like GPS coupons, personalized notifications, social referral and mobile applications discounts and reward directly impact the revenue generated.

Custom made enterprise mobile applications for the sales team delivers,

  • Enhanced collaboration among team members and real time sharing of information that cuts out delays in closing a sale.
  • Synchronization of tasks, meetings, calendar and contacts that turn the sales representative into highly-efficient revenue generators.
  • Targeted sales and quicker, better-informed decisions.

Case Study:

Thinking Capital, a financial solutions provider in Canada needed a unique approach to market its innovative products. The sales team at Thinking Capital needed instant access to market insights and customer data while on the field. The solution came in the form of the Heroku mobile app which empowered sales representatives to conduct enriching conversations with prospects thus opening newer avenues for increased sales.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM applications are the most powerful tools for building a robust sales team. Gone are those days when the CRM has to be confined to desktops. Today mobile CRM are redefining sales processes across industries.

Mobile CRMs add spunk to the sales team in four ways: targeted sales, increased revenue, lowered costs and preventing delays.

Have a look at this infographic based on a study by Shoretel, a leading business communication solution provider.

Mobile CRM

While other the mobile application may or may not find relevant use within a sales team based on the business model, the mobile CRM finds its significance across industries in business both small and big.

Mobile CRM is for all those organizations who believe that accuracy of customer data when presented at the right place and at the right time can generate a sale!

Case Studies:

Coca Cola’s Enterprises, one of the world’s largest Coca Cola bottlers took to Mobile CRM to help its employees spend more time with customers. This set the information flowing in more easily and smoothly thus allowing the company to build strong customer relationships.

The luxury brand Leviev that sells diamonds to some of the elite customers in the world. The mobile CRM became an essential component of their global sales and marketing efforts. By incorporating data from the CRM into their inventory-showcasing mobile app, sales representatives were able to add a personalized touch in presenting customers with the most relevant collection of jewelry on the go – An initiative not just to enhance sales but to build relationships for the long term.


Sales and mobile are a match made in heaven. From engaging customers to building loyalty, mobile apps in the sales strategy are a worthy inclusion. With the right mobile solutions in place, building a killer sales team comes easy!


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