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Aug 08,2016


Most marketers would agree that technology has made their life easier (or has it!). With the birth of the digital era, the role of a CMO and the responsibilities of digital marketers have changed drastically.

The oodles of digital marketing techniques used in an organization lay the red carpet for efficiency, cost savings and streamlined business processes. However, there seems to be an uninvited guest that surreptitiously enters the corporate premises through the marketing landscape– the digital clutter!

The real challenge for a marketer today is to be able to swim through the multiple digital channels, combat redundancies, dig up information silos, garner value and ultimately create the perfect 360-degree view of a customer…phew! Now that sounds like a task.

Creating Experiences And Influencing The Loyalty Loop

A successful marketer creates optimized customer experiences at every point in the customer lifecycle which is again powered by a comprehensive view of the customer. The research giant McKinsey points out the importance of influencing customers beyond the purchase phase for it is the post-purchase experience that strongly influences customer loyalty. The fact that 65% of a company’s revenue comes from existing customers (against the 35% that comes from capturing new customers) further pushes the significance of nurturing the loyalty loop.

The Loyalty Loop of an Ideal Customer

The Loyalty Loop of an Ideal Customer

Every customer undergoes these phases while they associate themselves with any particular brand.

In today’s digital era, the consideration phase as well as post purchase phase (that has the highest impact on the loyalty of customers) is made easier through a number of tools like social media, email marketing, mobile apps, blogs and other content sources, discovery platforms, affinity groups and so on. The key enabler that brings life into these channels by integrating them onto one single platform is the Sitecore solution

Sitecore – Empowering Customer Experience Goals For Every Organization

The Sitecore platform allows marketing experts to customize customer experiences based on customer behavior as well as the specific demands of the business. By joining hands with a Sitecore certified solution partner, marketers can derive the following benefits.

  • Multichannel marketing campaigns can be treated as one single tool during the planning phase as well as while deriving useful insights from them. Marketers can work across various platforms drawing cohesive decisions and balancing content between the various channels.
  • Sitecore offers automated testing and optimization thus allowing marketing professionals to feel more confident about optimizing customer experiences through any point in the customer lifecycle. This confidence can be realized throughout the marketing stream on a real time basis starting from the field professionals all the way up to the CMO.
  • Sitecore draws a clear picture of what has happened thus far with any particular customer and also prepares marketing professionals for what is to come.
  • Customers can choose to interact with a brand through multiple ways and this is practically beyond the control of a marketer. Sitecore builds the integrated digital environment where information silos are broken and a 360 degree view of the customer is presented to the marketer.
  • Every savvy marketer knows that long term revenues for a company are driven by their loyal customers and winning such customers by rightly fighting the digital clutter can indeed be a tough job. Sitecore drives personalized conversations, helps understand the customer in a holistic manner and optimizes experiences to turn them into brand loyalists!

Wrapping up…

Sitecore solutions come like the magic spell cast upon the problems of a marketer!

With Sitecore, integrated commerce through an integrated digital environment becomes a reality. In contrast to other product offerings, Sitecore is comprehensive in imbibing enterprise-grade capabilities that allows organizations to offer outstanding customer experience throughout the CLC (customer lifecycle).




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