6 Capabilities Of Smartphones That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End
Oct 28,2016

What we use smartphones for? The question is a misfit in our time. Rather you should ask, what we do not use smartphones for? Yes, smartphones with their app ecosystem and myriad functionalities have invaded our life through and through. But still, you cannot think of conducting ECG test with your handled device or cannot mow your lawn with that, right? I may sound crazy, but anytime soon our handheld devices can even have an app to do these, at least remotely!

Well, still we can introduce here some smartphone capabilities that will make your hair stand on end. Here are 6 of them.

1. As 3D Scanner

3D Scanner App

Recently a group of technicians at the Institute for Visual Computing of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology developed software that will help you use your mobile device to scan 3D objects. You just need to move your smartphone around the object and even can come with accurate measures of the objects.

2. As An Ophthalmologist

Next time you are doubtful about the power of your lenses, you do not need to visit a physician. Hey, I am not misguiding you since a new device and app has been developed to accurately evaluate and prescribe eyeglasses. Well, the new pocket-sized device called SVOne coupled up with a smartphone app can prescribe eyeglasses.

3. Measure Your Cholesterol

Measure Your Cholesterol

We are bored with so called diet apps and fitness trackers, right? Well, if you were looking for something mind blowing to do with your smartphone, then it is here. Some Cornell University engineers developed an app to measure cholesterol level with the smartphone. Though you need to use any of the quick diagnostic small gadgets like Rapid Diagnostics along with the app. All you need to do is to press the device like a credit card reader on the smartphone camera and just put a drop of blood, sweat or saliva over the test strip. After inserting the strip inside the diagnostic device, the measurements are shown on your phone app.

4. Evaluate Your Psychic Condition

We are overstressed, frantic and often arrogant these days, right? Many of us suffer from a mood disorder. Well, what about evaluating your psychic health with a smartphone app. That is what has been ensured by an Android app built by researchers at Dartmouth University. The app measuring your sleep, monitoring sleep patterns, conversation length, physical activities, time spent in various locations, eating habits and through many such metrics can tell about your mental condition and stress level.

5. An App To Determine Shooter Location

Determine Shooter Location App

Finally, an impressive app is about to arrive that would make the job of fighters easier. An Android app can determine the location of the shooter through external sensors. Sounds futuristic? But this app developed by a team at Institute of Software Integrated Systems of Vanderbilt University is a reality and waiting to be launched anytime soon.  By tracking through the sonic signature of a firearm the app instantly can tell the location of the shooter hiding somewhere nearby.

6. Enhancing Hearing Aid Capacity

Often hearing aids under perform to the dismay of the users and add to the inconvenience severely at times. Most such devices lack a powerful processor and so lack good sound quality. Some of the latest Bluetooth devices are powerful enough to make the imperceptible sound loud enough for the deaf ears. Moreover, noise cancellation technology helps to augment the audible effect to the preferred level.




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