Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2017
Dec 09,2016

Gardner recently published the 10 strategic technology trends that are going to rule 2017 and beyond. As technology is increasingly becoming the driving force behind the objective world with its mesh of gadgets, people and various services, the upcoming trends are likely to take this transformation further ahead. Let us have a look at the 10 tech trends predicted by Gartner.

#1. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

A vast majority of the devices are now coming with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. In the time to come we can only expect proliferation of these technologies across all spheres of life. Technically gadgets are going to be more equipped to respond to our needs than just limiting themselves to respond to predefined instructions.

#2. Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps

Almost every new smart interface these days are coming equipped with intelligent personal assistants that can help gadgets respond to our surrounding more intuitively. This is one fine example of how intelligent apps are talking over.

#3. Intelligent Things

 What are the new intelligent things according to Gartner? Well, they are mainly robots, drones and autonomous cars. Smart home gadgets equipped with smart apps and personal assistants are also adding value to our life. In 2017 and beyond we can see more breakthroughs to come up in these intelligent devices and useful things.

#4. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) apps and devices have already been a reckoning force and they are increasingly being adopted by various enterprises. A lot of VR headsets and AR apps are in the pipeline and we can still expect to see more of them in the coming months.

#5. Digital Twin

Do not be intrigued by the term Digital Twin. You already know this in one way or the other. Just think about any object that you have seen or interacted with on the digital platform. Well, these digital twins of the real world objects are going to be more common in the everyday life of near future.

  1. Blockchain

    As the number of digital transactions are continuing to mount up, technologies to represent distributed ledger systems have become important now. Blockchain is one such distributed ledger system. As digital distribution is taking over the real life business transactions, Blockchain in the coming years will gain more traction and popularity.
  1. Mesh

    Mesh basically refers to the ecosystem of connected devices, people, interfaces and services. With the evolving connected reality Mesh is also going through dynamic changes and perpetrating the change in security aspects, platforms and support systems.
  1. Conversational Systems

    Conversational and interactive automation has already entered into popular use across the web and app world. As machines are coming equipped with more powerful sensors snd advanced algorithms, interactive elements are going to lay vital role in the digital universe.
  1. Mesh App and Service Architecture

    As mesh of connected devices and intelligent digital interfaces along with users is going to evolve, numerous mesh app and security and service architecture will continue to thrive offering dynamic solutions to contextual problems in everyday life.
  1. Digital Technology Platforms

    There will be innovative approaches in respect of the digital technology platforms that are now in use across the digital universe. As the dependence on digital interfaces will continue to grow, we can expect more such platforms keep coming up.
  1. Adaptive Security Architecture

    The mesh of connected technologies will make the onset of adaptive security architecture obvious. We can expect digital security to be more adaptive in nature in 2017 and beyond.


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