4 Impressive Ways Your Business can Take Advantage of Virtual Reality
Jan 25,2017


Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer just limited to gaming, neither it is restricted for selective elites. It is the new tech horizon that every business can take advantage of. When Ivan Sutherland, famous computer scientist way back in 1968 developed Sword of Damocles, the oldest avatar of VR head mounted display system, it was more associated to entertainment than any serious business cause. Down the line in just few decades
we have full life-like VR experience with the VR headsets like Oculus Rift today.

The immersive experience with VR headsets is continuing to transform the digital experience as new gears keep coming. After the launch of Google Cardboard in 2014, we have seen Oculus Rift to announce more immersive headsets and GoPro is venturing into the scene with a new 3D VR technology. So, VR has now become a everyday reality to take part in all human endeavours. At present there are as many as 25 different devices with varying degrees of sophistication with different approaches in viewing contents and capturing them. Almost all industry giants are into VR including Google, Oculus, Sony, GoPro, Samsung, HTC, and more. The time is ripe for businesses to utilise this technology for their marketing benefits. Let us introduce here 4 impressive ways a business can take advantage of virtual reality.

  • Test Your Business Offerings

Yes, VR can surprisingly make it easy for you to test your products. A whole array of most dominant brands have positively utilised VR for testing their products and business offerings. Some of the well known brands that incorporated VR into their business process for testing including brands like Volvo, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, BBC, Marriot, etc. By leveraging the virtual prototypes of their products for consumer interaction, they make quick iteration and testing.

  • Venturing Into New Partnership

Partnerships often play crucial role in propelling a business ahead. Thanks to VR the business partnership can elevate to a new height. The brands by leveraging their virtual experience across other digital platforms and apps can quickly gain attention and help striking mutually beneficial deals with other stakeholders. From VR journalism to VR gaming to 3D VR videos, a brand can partner numerous types of VR apps.

  • A VR Based Business Channel

The biggest draw for VR is the way it provided life-like experience of a product and service. This would allow businesses provide users experiences that are otherwise impossible. A product can be virtually made accessible when it is still in production lines. A product can be presented remotely with immersive experience. Any event can be enjoyed remotely thanks to virtual reality. This would help the proliferation of more credible form of marketing with ‘try before buy’ approach.

  • Creating Engaging VR Content

While user engagement is vital to any business brand, it is the content that pushes engagement. Well, in that respect VR comes as champion in offering enjoyable and readily immersive contents. Just after the headset is on, the audience is totally yours and you can engage them with your brand through an immersive digital experience.

VR is still at its nascent state of development. Already new technologies keep coming that are going to push the VR boundaries further. Haptic engines allowing more sensory environment to the digital interface. Voice recognition is already there and there are efforts to make machines recognise smell as well.


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