Top Technologies Revealed in Wearable Technology Show 2016
Jan 12,2017


The Wearable Technology Show held at Santa Clara Convention Centre this year deserves attention from all geeks and wearable lovers. With all the global giants presenting their wearable offerings in the show, the event had too much to speak for. Let us introduce here the biggest highlights of the event.

• Zikto Band

Wrist wearables may look common in your eyes, but this one isn’t. This sleek band which look-wise is so much different from most others actually helps you to perfect your walking movements with perfect pose. If you are walking along with your right hand texting messages on the handheld device, it actually scolds you with an alarm. Offering intelligent tracking the tracker has already been tested to help baseball players in batting their ball hard.

• GlassUp Uno

Google Glass is already known and boring. When we actually thought wearable glasses are incapable to surprise us anymore with something new, we have GlassUp Uno which can easily be dubbed as the future of optically mounted computers. What does it offer as so awesome? Well, Uno’s main draw is accessing information simple while maintaining the sophistication in user interface.

Uno is built uniquely to allow hearing-impaired people read text of ongoing conversations on the screen. The open-source SDK pushes developers to offer intuitive programs. While most of the information just as it happens in Google Glass, will only take the space of a little square on the corner, while the space outside of it will only display live happenings on the screen as per your choice.

• ActivBody

This is a wearable to play variety of games aimed to train you through various activities. Whether you need to learn stretching your limbs or just require knowing latest updates on your activities, it does many things. You can sport it like s fitness tracker and stay organised in your daily workouts.

• PulseOn

You may consider it just only an add-on to standard fitness trackers, but it actually offers some really helpful monitoring properties. PulseOn is a wearable technology that first of all offers a primary heart-rate monitor. But that is just one feature of the device. You can attach it to any other tracker to get your heart data on other device screens as well. The biggest selling point of the device is its unparalleled accuracy which is skin to professional grade monitors of big clinics.

• Beddit 3

While wearable technology devices can do so much in respect of health and fitness monitoring, nothing seems as important as sleep monitoring. Sleep is presently the most crucial parameter relating to health as most of us remain over stressed these days. Beddit dies the sleep monitoring quite well and often better than most other devices in the market. As it is meant for only the purpose of tracking sleep quality, unlike most other multi-focused devices it is more accurate. Apple had already approved the device and allowed its connected app for an App Store presence. If you are looking for a dedicated and accurate sleep monitor Beddit comes as the ideal choice.

To conclude, the wearable event had too many participants with their latest wearable offerings and here we could only bring a glimpse of it.

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