Sophisticated product engineering is crucial for successful products and business processes. While there are too many crucial aspects to product engineering, often companies suffer from lack of focused product engineers. This is why professionally managed and expertise driven product engineering is vital.

Do you know a simple idea can be shaped in a great product through high-end product engineering?

We at AuroSys believe this. AuroSys is a pioneer in end-to-end Product Engineering company offering its global clientele industry specific solutions by using proven methodologies and processes systematically designed for embedded product development. AuroSys works with its clients to transform simple ideas into Innovative, Feature-Rich products with cutting edge technology allowing them to reach market faster with reduced designing & development budgets.

Our wide range of expertise in product engineering include Design & Development services for customizable products, IPs, system engineering and mobile development in the areas of Enterprise IT, Connectivity, Communication, Audio & Video, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), IoT, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Data Visualisation, Predictive Analysis etc. From R&D, Proof of Concept to Designing, Embedded Chips to Products SDKs and from PCB Layout to Product Closure, AuroSys’ capabilities and proven Product Lifecycle Management processes give our clients key advantages over the competition essentially helping them grow their business by constantly enhancing time-to-market.

Product Engineering & Development Services

What are the key product engineering and development services offered by us?
Well, we provide a wide range of services including the following

Software Testing and Validation
AuroSys Holds Extensive Expertise on

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The AuroSys Advantage

Why you should turn to AuroSys for your Embedded Product Development?
We have mentioned below the key advantages for you to work together with us

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