The dependence on central server is continuing to decrease thanks to the connected reality of gadgets. Many companies are using Blockchain to allow unrestricted and unperturbed access to data generated through diverse sources including the multitude of connected devices that are in use. Thus Blockchain powering the IOT and connected reality can actually replace the central server models.

IOT has already penetrated the home automation and is on the rise to advance automation in workplaces and industries as well. Blockchain will help this automation to prosper and add value to the life and work by holding together data provided by connected gadgets. Blockchain is the ultimate answer to providing for all the questions concerning scalability, privacy, and reliability of Internet of Things devices. No wonder many people consider it as the quintessential silver thread of IOT industry.

The reason Blockchain seems to be the ultimate answer to the control and access to IOT data is its tamper proof character as a ledger system. Without making data accessible in a single location and being inherently opposed to deletion or changes Blockchain data cannot be manipulated. With Blockchain peer-to-peer messaging becomes easier than ever while not leaving any scope for security vulnerability and threat. Blockchain data is decentralised and keeps together the history of the data including all subsequent additions. This makes it possible to evaluate the changes and the device level communication possible over a period of time.

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Here we are going to explain few use cases of Blockchain powered IOT Solutions:

Manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector thanks to latest virtual technologies are transforming into a smart industry by leveraging the power of connected gadgets. For example several 3D printers connected across places can collaborate to come with a product prototype shared remotely with various parties. Blockchain can secure the shared data concerning the building of prototype.

Smart cities

Smart IOT devices placed in various places across a city can play an effective role in assessing the condition of bridges, roads, transport systems, power grids etc. Blockchain holding together the data of these connected systems can ensure security and accessibility of data for better management of public sector infrastructure.

Smart transport

Smart vehicles with connected gadgets implanted inside and the driverless automobiles communicating with remote sensors and apps can deliver real time information as part of a streaming data ledger protected by Blockchain.


Retail sector can also be hugely benefited through the connected gadgets and the security cover of Blockchain holding together the data of connected things. Retail sector data is numerous and multifaceted including several different types of information pertaining to the transaction, user behaviour and business life cycle. The connected environment combining various devices and gadgets in retail stores can deliver important business insights to help addressing the customers better. Blockchain ledger system holding together business store and customer data offers a better security cover to the data.
The above mentioned use cases explain how Blockchain is continuously going to add value to every sphere of life including business, public infrastructure, home automation, industrial and workplace automation, smart vehicles and many other arenas.

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