Sophisticated product engineering is crucial for successful products and business processes. While there are too many crucial aspects to product engineering, often companies suffer from lack of focused product engineers. This is why professionally managed and expertise driven product engineering is vital.

Do you know a simple idea can be shaped in a great product through high-end product engineering?

We at AuroSys believe this. AuroSys is a pioneer in end-to-end Product Engineering company offering its global clientele industry specific solutions by using proven methodologies and processes systematically designed for embedded product development. AuroSys works with its clients to transform simple ideas into Innovative, Feature-Rich products with cutting edge technology allowing them to reach market faster with reduced designing & development budgets.

Our wide range of expertise in product engineering include Design & Development services for customizable products, IPs, system engineering and mobile development in the areas of Enterprise IT, Connectivity, Communication, Audio & Video, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), IoT, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Data Visualisation, Predictive Analysis etc. From R&D, Proof of Concept to Designing, Embedded Chips to Products SDKs and from PCB Layout to Product Closure, AuroSys’ capabilities and proven Product Lifecycle Management processes give our clients key advantages over the competition essentially helping them grow their business by constantly enhancing time-to-market.

Product Engineering & Development Services

What are the key product engineering and development services offered by us?
Well, we provide a wide range of services including the following

Product Prototyping
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) and Prototype Designing
  • Development Methodologies Identification
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Laser Cutting
  • Embedded Systems & Electronics Development Lifecycle
  • Tooling
  • Mechanical Design Layouts
  • Drivers Development & Porting
Board Design, Bring-up & Support
  • Schematics Design, Layout & Fabrication Services
  • Board Hardware Sanity
  • CPUs – ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Tensilica, DSP, Micro Controllers, FPGA
  • Board Bring up and Boot loaders
  • Thorough Diagnostic Development & Test Cases
  • Device Drivers Development, Porting & Integration
  • Firmware Integration, File Systems and System level support
  • Multi-layer high speed board design
  • PCB Stack-up selection
  • Constraint driven PCB design Design/DFM
  • Post Layout Signal Integrity
  • Interface to PCB Prototyping and Assembly Houses
BSP Porting & Development
  • Boot-loader Development
  • Memory and Clock Controller Initialization
  • I2C, I2S Control Interfaces
  • Firmware Development
  • Device Driver Development & Real Time Porting
  • Complex Board Support Packages
  • Feature Enhancements
  • OS Porting on Linux, Android, Windows, VxWorks, Threadx, DSP/BIOS, Thin Kernels
  • Android Customization & Hardening
  • Android BSP Porting
  • Porting Drivers Development & Configuration
  • Design & Interoperability Testing
  • Custom Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
User Application Development
  • User Application Development on Web & Mobile Platforms
  • Remote Device Management Solutions
  • M2M  and IoT applications
  • Cloud-to-Device, Mobile-to-Device Workflow Solutions
  • Network Enabling Standalone Devices
  • Connectivity and Protocol Stacks Implementation
  • User Interface for Devices – Front-panel, Touch Screen and Android Solutions
  • Porting Application between different OS's
  • 3rd Party Software and Open Source Software Integrations
  • Multi-threaded Applications
  • Adapting Solutions for Small Form Factor
  • Performance Enhancement and Optimization
  • Testing and Debugging Embedded Applications
Software & Firmware Development Services
  • Boot code development
  • Firmware and diagnostics routines
  • RTOS – VxWorks , pSOS, WinCE , Embedded Linux , QNX, Thread-X, Nucleus
  • Logical and physical drivers supporting various layers of protocol stacks
  • Enhancement of BSP software as per board specifications
  • Customized APIs & SDK’s development
  • Development and Porting of Protocols stacks
  • Development of Wired and Wireless Stacks
  • C Code porting onto specific DSP assembly code
  • Optimized (DSP) C code to DSP assembly code
  • Applications Features Development & Porting onto other OS
  • Firmware development for 8 to 32 bit MCU boards
Production Coordination and Product Sustenance Services
  • Usability Engineering
  • Build & Release Management
  • Product Re-Engineering & Enhancement
  • Technical Documentation & Revisions
  • Architecture Enhancement & Upgrades
  • SQA Enablement & Tool Selection Services
Software Testing and Validation
Functional Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Functionality & Features Testing
  • Integration & Regression Testing
Non-Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
Performance Evaluation Testing
  • Load & Stress Testing
  • Spike & Endurance Testing
  • Database Tuning
  • Code Profiling
  • End to End Transactional Testing
  • Automation Process Testing & Validation
Porting & Migration Testing
  • Device Drivers Porting Validation
  • Database Migration Testing
  • OS Porting Validation
AuroSys Holds Extensive Expertise on
Internet of Things for Connected Smart Objects & Devices
Wearable Products Engineering & Software Solutions
Home Automation Products Engineering & Implementation
Embedded Solutions for Medical and Assistive Technology
Smart, Energy Efficient Solutions & Monitoring
Industrial Automation Systems for Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analytics
Wireless Network Solutions including WiFi, BLE 4.0, Ethernet, GPS & NFC
Engineering USB Type C Products; AuroSys is one of the first USB Type C Product Prototyping companies across the world

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

The AuroSys Advantage

Why you should turn to AuroSys for your Embedded Product Development?
We have mentioned below the key advantages for you to work together with us

  • Stringent & Client centric Processes for Intellectual Property Protection
  • Highly Reduced Cost for PoC, Development, Enhancement or Maintenance of Products
  • Highest Quality of Deliverables & Reduced Time to Market
  • Manufacturing Support for Product Prototypes
  • 360° Engineering Services with Highly Flexible Engagement Models
  • In-House R&D Lab for Product Conceptualisation
  • Dedicated Engineering Center of Excellence (A-CoE) for customer centric innovations
  • Network Product Testing & Validation Processes
  • Extensive expertise in custom firmware & software development for smart products with 12+ years of success in Embedded Engineering
  • Deep technical understanding with up to date knowledge on latest development trends
  • Expertise in network protocols, standards and compliances.
  • Detailed scope defining process for accuracy in business analysis
  • Expertise in Native & Cross-platform Mobility for smart products including UI/UX, App Development, Testing & Deployment with Cloud connectivity.
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