Equip your marketing, sales and your customer service team with SAP cloud solutions to win today’s empowered customers.
Our customer relationship management systems aim at engaging clients with a positive user experience by quickly resolving issues with real-time customer support using up-to-date technology. Our CRM consultants are highly professional in providing handy customer relationship management solutions and are also proficient with canned CRM solutions Salesfroce, SugarCRM as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
CRM for Augmented Decision Making
  • Detailed customer information
  • High-standard OLAP practices
  • Planning & project management gears
  • Get full hold of the entire customer base
  • Implement changes, highlight sectors and take quick decisions.
  • Automated segmentation
  • Unique dashboards and scorecards
  • Top-notch open workspace for tasking, tracking & modifications
  • Bring to an end earlier concerns and complications
CRM Development for Sales & Marketing
  • Leads, defined areas and prospective management system
  • Advertising, marketing and campaign management, acquired gains & deep analysis
  • Integrated work zones
  • Automated products or services management
  • Efficient sales admin, projects & contract handling, pipeline management
  • Remote and mobile OS compatibility to CRM system
CRM for User Experience
  • All-in-one system for inquiries, feedback, request, alerts, updates etc.
  • Helpdesk system
  • Automation with advanced features
  • Communication portal

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