Location technology has changed our experience to a great extent, right?
Well, BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy has emerged as a very popular location technology. It is known as a wireless standard for newer IoT products. It is mostly driven by its simplified protocol stack and an architecture defined for low-power radio communication. Bluetooth Smart is typically associated with portable devices for which operating time per charge is of paramount importance. You might question why it would be appropriate for use in home appliances operating off the wall plug power, but there are multiple reasons why it is a good fit.
What Beacons can do?
They can do a lot of things in delivering data as per context. Isn’t it nice to get promotional notification based on your preference, before reaching a store? Beyond indoor positioning with Wi-Fi, beacon technology has taken a massive step forward in ambient context identification, thus creating excellent opportunities for businesses to improve the way they interact with their customers. Beacons have now become a unique and sophisticated tool for businesses specifically for merchandising and advertising. An open, accessible and ubiquitous network benefits all constituents, propel innovations and foster a collaborative environment for the next decade.

AuroSys helps clients to leverage its expertise in the Beacons technology allowing them to target their potential customers at the right time delivering a personalized digital experience to ensure higher rate of conversion and progressive growth of the business.
Potential of Beacons is understood but what about delivering the technology with innovative products?
That is what we at AuroSys do. After unlocking the massive potential of Beacons, AuroSys builds on its vast experience in technology innovation to deliver end to end solutions for Beacons development including Hardware, Firmware, Mobility and Content delivery with Cloud connectivity for Business Analytics. With on-campus beacons we enable our clients to provide targeted services and data to Customers as well as Employees. Our team of beacon application engineers has deep expertise in developing apps for various industries such as Stadiums, Hotels, Malls, Retail Outlets, Advertising/Digital agencies and more. The Mobility team at AuroSys develops both Native & Cross Platform Apps for Beacons allowing our clients to deliver a superior user experience to their customers across all device interfaces.
AuroSys Offerings for BLE Product Development
Are you feeling intrigued of our services on BLE product development?
Please have a look at these offerings of ours:

  • System/Architecture Design
  • Electrical Requirement Capture
  • Electronic Circuit Schematic Design
  • Electronic Circuit Simulation
  • Electronic Circuit Design Review
  • PCB, Flex and Flex Design
  • Electronic Prototype Assembly
  • Electrical Testing and Design Verification
AuroSys is also the official partner and provider of beacons complying with iBeacon and Eddystone
standards as well as mobility & cloud solutions with seamless integration.
Our Expertise
Now you should be convinced of our expertise in BLE. Here are the areas we have our proven expertise. AuroSys holds extensive expertise in:
  • Custom Beacons Hardware Engineering
  • Beacons Firmware Engineering
  • Validation & Testing of Beacon Products
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons Development
  • SaaS Platform Development
  • SDKs & Development Tools
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Beacons API Development
  • iBeacon
  • Eddystone
  • Altbeacon

We provide location centric mobile apps for:

  • Indoor Navigation
  • Proximity Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Contextual Information
  • Micro-location Targeting
  • Geo Fencing

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

Why AuroSys?
Why choose us for BLE based innovations and app development.
Well, these credentials mentioned below can provide you the right reason.
  • 10+ years of experience in developing Bluetooth enabled products
  • Leveraging BLE ability to run for years using tiny batteries
  • Small Footprint & Data Management
  • In-house knowledge center for most robust development practices
  • Proven methodologies for Ultra-Low Power product designing & development
  • Dedicated team of engineers for low development costs
  • Developed over 15 Smart products with BLE
  • Vast Code libraries and database of component vendors
  • Low Energy Bluetooth Product Use Cases

    Customer Service

    Alert sales associates when a loyal customer enters.

    Concierge-like service

    Notify sales associates of customers’ preferences and past browsing habits via beacon integration with your current clientele solution.

    Way Finding

    Help customers locate items within the store.


    Make requesting assistance even simpler – no more hunting for a sales associate


    Push relevant special offers to customers at decision point


    Implement affiliate marketing structures with partners


    Provide consistent marketing messages across retail silos
    Some of the BLE Beacons Use Cases:

    In-Shop Experience

    With players like Facebook and WhatsApp offering proximity-based campaigns through their iOS and Android platforms, businesses now have the option of combining social campaigns that physically drive clients to your door with proprietary apps that enable a deeper engagement and shopping experience that can trigger physical events, such as a blinking fridge as the customer or client's walks by.

    Classroom & Education

    The iBeacon platform offers a wide range or applications that can be applied on an educational context. From simple games that require students to move around, explore and find things to more scientific or technical experiments in the classroom, iBeacon is a great tool to stimulate young minds and drive curiosity towards subjects like geography, context, automation, logic and technology. A great source of examples and experience in how Beacons can be applied in classrooms is Jonathan Nalder's JNXYZ/Beacons for Education website.

    Zoo App

    Imagine a Zoo mobile app, which visitors open once they get into the park. When they are close to selected attractions, the app fires a notification/image/video with information of what is being looked at. It can tell visitors: “Give some peanuts to the monkey now and watch your arm disappear in 1 second”.


    All kinds of automation, be it home, commercial or industrial, are directly related to what beacons can offer. From your garage door that opens once your car stops by (without pressing any button) to lights that go on and off as you need them to be.


    You can use this to encourage your attendees to explore less popular areas of your trade show by offering them special rewards for discovering strategically placed beacons in those areas.


    You can also leverage beacons for additional revenue by pushing notifications that prompt your users to come and check out the closest booth when they pass by a certain zone at the trade show venue. This can be a premium service offered to sponsors.

    Content Delivery

    You can allow your attendees to avoid the long taxing wait for a copy of the presentation slides by leveraging beacons to recognize attendees at the session and automatically deliver slides, ebooks etc during or immediately after the session.


    This is where its demand is huge, lot of use cases we can get in this sector.


    Restaurants have shown us how useful mobile technologies are. Enabled with touch devices, waiters don’t have to rush to the kitchen in order to dispatch orders. In other cases, clients can make orders directly on tablets available at the table. Before iBeacon or NFC technology, those apps require the waiter to select a table number every time he/she takes an order. With iBeacons, the app automatically knows which table the waiter is at. It can display the client name (with eventual dinning/preferences history) and automatically associate orders with tables without requiring waiters to manually select a table number.

    Business owners can digest analytics data showing which tables (serving which clients) employees stayed more time/compared to client’s satisfaction, and it is even possible to understand and analyze employees’ most common paths, least visited/shadow areas and improve efficiency. The same concept can be adapted to a myriad of business kinds: from logistics to hotels and hospitals.

    Smart Sushi

    You've probably seen sushi joints that use conveyor belts to move sushi in front of you. Now, imagine if each of those plates have a small sensor sticked under them. With the restaurant's app opened, hungry customers can see detailed information about what's in front of them, including price, nutrition information, ingredients, origin of the fish and much more. By clicking a 'I got it' button, patrons can also keep track of their current bill without worrying about dish color codes normally used in conveyor belts joints.

    Loyalty Programs

    NFC technology does not offer the range of possibilities that Bluetooth does and iBeacons can be used to do something very similar to what NFC does. When adjusted to be ranged within very short distances, iBeacons can be deployed to allow communication between stationary beacons and loyalty program apps. In a more advanced scenario, both the app and the stationary sensor can perform passive (listener) and active (broadcaster) actions, allowing short-range, two-way communication between the app and the iBeacon sensor.

    Heat mapping

    With access to real-time statistics, you can even use beacons to recognize hotspots and send alerts to event managers about locations that are overcrowded and more prone to security breaches.

    Social Network

    Lot of potential market in this sector as well, people can search for people around them with new faces and know more about them.

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