How can you ensure full-proof quality in mobile app development?

Well, besides expertise driven streamlined development process, testing throughout the development process is extremely important to ensure glitch free user experience. With a wide variety of devices, operating systems, and networks available in the market today, it is virtually impossible to maintain realistic quality standards for mobile applications and mobile websites.

To ensure the success of mobile applications and mobile web, QA and Testing must be integrated to all stages of development, right from creating the concept, analyzing requirements, releasing the finished product to post-development review processes. The success of any Mobile App, Website or Product starts with an integrated & automated testing service that spans throughout the development lifecycle.

Testing beyond the traditional QA lab is a vital component to achieve the highest quality digital experience for your customers. Users demand a website, mobile app, or wearable device that performs well, moves quickly and is intuitive, stable and secure.

Do you want the advantage of working with testing experts for flawless app development process?

Our focused testing and QA team can ensure the highest quality standard at every step of app development process. AuroSys helps its clients ensure they deliver a product that their consumers will prefer to use over all competing products in the market.

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

Our Expertise

What makes us a sought after testing services provider for mobile apps and mobile websites?

We, at AuroSys offer Mobile Quality Assurance Services across a wide range of platforms and devices. We have a dedicated department for Testing managed by qualified professionals and upheld processes. Our experts hold certifications as CSTE, ISTQB, CSQA, and CMST. We can thus ensure considerable savings on time and administration costs to our customers. AuroSys provides flexible delivery models for QA and Testing across the globe. Below are few attributes of our testing expertise:

  • Source Code Security with
    stringent Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Qualitative Development Processes
  • Expert and Experienced Developers
  • Thorough Testing and Quality Check
    for Bug Free Applications
  • Customer Centric Procedures
  • Rated 9 out of 10 by 200+ clients including
    some of the Fortune 500 companies
  • Seamless and User Friendly Apps
  • Industry Focus
    Finance & Banking
    Retail & E-commerce
    Music (Digital Media)
    Education & eLearning
    Travel and Map
    Print Media

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