Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to technology which is based on the mimicking of human intelligence, thought and cognitive processes in performing certain actions and offering automatic solutions to complex problems. AI applications can be either stand-alone software, such as decision support software, or embedded within larger software or hardware systems. AI theory has come out of the lab and thanks to advances in computing power and fast changing modes of communication the technology is now providing real business benefits and helping to deliver great customer experiences.
You must be thinking about the use cases and implementation of AI in modern computing, right?
Well, AI technology has been deployed by many businesses to help reduce operational costs, make efficiency gains, generate revenue as well as enhance customer and employee experiences. AI is a relevant and powerful business tool and in many cases can self-fund within the first six months of deployment. Companies who need to reduce cost to serve and improve customer experience would integrally need to have AI Implementation as part of their strategy.
Why choose AuroSys for AI Solutions?
AuroSys has a forerunning reputation in delivering innovative software and app development for complex work processes and enterprise needs. AI powered software solutions built by us are unique for their extreme ease of use, crisp and sophisticated user interface, context driven AI systems empowered with voice recognition, natural language processing and advanced analytics. Some of the key reasons to choose us for AI software development include the following:
We have a dedicated AI research & development lab studded with industry's most esteemed AI experts.
We have the track record of building an array of sophisticated and successful AI apps for various industry verticals and niches.
Over the years we have established our reputation as an innovative technology company with proven excellence in the fields of advanced data analytics, real time collaboration tools, robotics, chatbots and interactive systems, automation software, voice controlled systems and speech recognition.
We build future ready AI solutions that can withstand the challenge of evolving technologies and competition.
We empower enterprises with powerful and highly context aware automation tools, intelligent device sensors, cognitive analytics, providing the business more flexibility and versatility to address different customer needs and a leading edge to stay on top of the competition.

Our domain expertise in the field of AI speaks for itself. While implementing AI equipped systems we take care of the ultimate value proposition. We focus on offering cost effective solutions by introducing the output from our AI experts who work on various algorithms on a regular basis. We are one of the benchmarked AI solutions provider with years of experience in several AI powered systems including Classifier Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Fuzzy Logic, statistical systems, high speed data analytics, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, path-finding, neural networks, etc.

Our development, implementation, and technology transfer services ensure successful deployment of effective, long-term solutions. Our IT Researches & AI Experts can help with the design, review and implementation of your contemplated AI system, and by utilizing our AI team that works with a broad set of algorithms and approaches, the turn-around time and costs of your project can be greatly reduced. We even offer to just review and provide written analysis of your project status, in addition to optionally building and integrating. Systems can be stand-alone PC - based or fully web-based. Hosted, local or embedded.

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AuroSys Offerings in Artificial Intelligence
The AI Lab at AuroSys works hard to design and develop innovative and futuristic yet adaptable AI solutions for wide range of business use cases. We create highly versatile and flexible AI apps and systems as per the typical needs and user preferences. Some of the key AI enabled solutions we build include the following:
  • AI powered mobile apps
  • AI enabled enterprise solutions
  • AI enabled mobile games
  • AI enabled educational apps and software
  • Advanced analytics tools development and integration
  • Voice controlled AI interface - Voice Recognition & Computer Speech
  • Cognitive assistants development that reason, learn, and accept guidance to provide effective and personalized support to humans
  • Consultation for AI software development
  • Natural language processing tech and apps
  • Chat bots (interactive computer avatars) development & integration
  • Surveillance Systems Monitoring, Prediction and Analysis
  • Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation
  • Robotics, Movement, Decision Making, Situational Analysis and Threat Analysis
  • Medical Diagnostics, Symptom Navigation and Dependency, Medical Patient Treatment and Therapy Management
  • Pattern recognition – image, signal or sequence based & Next Sequence Prediction - finance, genetics, games, behavior
  • Identity Systems, Bioinformatics tools and databases
  • Advanced decision simulation for entertainment, defense etc.
  • Automated customer service and management
  • Business and Industrial process automation

Our AI libraries offer high-quality object-oriented neural nets, genetic algorithms, traditional search algorithms, and knowledge-engineering methods (expert systems). We make use of proprietary evolution/training algorithms to optimize the appropriate technologies for categorization, classification, or prediction (including delayed reward or discounted prediction). Many of the resulting solutions can also be configured for continued learning/optimization when presented with new data.

In addition to the above suite of AI tools, we have a variety of algorithms for more traditional types of data analysis such as transforms, smoothing, and linear or nonlinear regression. These combined with our extensive experience in formulating problems and analyzing complex data allow us to produce highly effective solutions for a large number of challenges in all fields ranging from science, engineering to finance.
Typical AI implementation Process at AuroSys
How we deliver future ready AI based systems to ensure robust business output?
We follow this proven AI implementation process and respective stages of the lifecyle:
We'll sign an NDA to protect your IP and project.
Review your application/project requirements, target host environment, status and desired timeline.
Review the data elements of the system, along with determining the frequency of their presentment and availability to the decision making structure. This will include either the review of actual raw data, or the production and discussion of sample data that is deemed suitable for use in development to follow.
Review the types of decisions that must be made along with the method of the delivery and availability of those decisions.
Review all families of AI algorithms (as stated above) to determine the most appropriate approach (which may include multiple approaches).
Develop a straw-man design of the decision-making structure, including layout, approach and design.
If your project requires natural language processing, we would begin building the 'lexicon' of syntax relative to the use case domain.
Provide a stand-in module (semi-functional prototype) for integration and process integrity check while actual custom AI development gets underway.
Custom AI modular component development
Delivery and integration of AI module(s)
Testing and fine-tuning of structure and decision selection
Ongoing support and maintenance
“AI is about generating representations and procedures that allow machines to perform tasks that would be considered intelligent if performed by a human. The ultimate purpose of engineering, after all, is to put natural science usefully to work for mankind. AI is the link between sensing of the world, perception of the world, and intelligent action in the world.”
– Kunjan Dalal,
Founder & CEO at AuroSys
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