The ecosystem of connected devices is posing a bigger security threat for us, right?
Well, this precisely why IoT security has become so important now. The Internet of Things (IoT) is moving from a centralized structure to a complex network of decentralized smart devices. This shift promises entirely new services and business opportunities.
Will you disagree over the fact that we are living in an increasingly connected world?
This connected world comprising interactive devices and interfaces will see the growing networking and cloud-enablement of all sorts of physical devices from machines through cars to home appliances. It is even transforming manufacturing as we move towards the fourth “industrial revolution”. Accelerated by initiatives, this stage of industrial development will see the emergence of smart factories powered and secured by smart semiconductor solutions capable of sharing information and optimizing processes across the entire value chain.

Do you want a service to take care of all your IoT security needs? Why not opt for a leading solution provider apt and experienced enough with latest security challenges for connected device platform? AuroSys has been a leader in delivery of comprehensive and full-proof IoT Security Solutions including embedded devices as well as network based securities.
Security matters
Why security is so crucial for IoT environment? The IoT is built on many different semiconductor technologies, including power management devices, sensors and microprocessors. Performance and security requirements vary considerably from one application to another. The fact that the success of smart homes, connected cars and smart cities hinges on user confidence in robust, easy-to-use and scalable security solutions, the greater the volume of sensitive data we transfer over the IoT, the greater the risk of data and identity theft, device manipulation, data falsification, IP theft and even server/network manipulation is bound to occur.
Why AuroSys is the Partner of choice for IoT security
AuroSys offers cutting edge security solutions to create a safer internet environment used to connect their devices and get a secured experience through the Internet of Things. AuroSys offers a broad range of easy-to-deploy technologies to counter growing security threats in the IoT by employing the best professionals from across the world. These solutions enable system and device manufacturers as well as service providers to capitalize on growth opportunities by integrating the right level of security without compromising on the user experience. Complemented by software and supporting services, our hardware-based products create an anchor of trust for security implementations, supporting device integrity checks, authentication and security key management.

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AuroSys possesses a broad portfolio of security solutions
For over 10 years, we have been providing security solutions to protect users’ data and have developed custom solutions for a wide range of industries and business verticals. We are now bringing our market and innovation leadership to the world of IoT, supporting new, more sustainable ways of communication between electronic devices requiring least human efforts to operate them. Our portfolio includes developing solutions to protect integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information enabling en extremely safe environment for the IoT. AuroSys also has intensive experience in M2M, Fido, boosted NFC, USB and RFID.

Across the full application spectrum, you can rely on us to deliver:

  • Value through greater differentiation at reduced cost to keep you one step ahead
  • Ease of deployment with no loss of user experience
  • Tailored, granular security functionality, balancing performance with cost
  • Reliability with high-quality products and a proven track record to reduce uncertainty in new business models
As IoT transforms entire industries, creating tremendous benefits and new risks, AuroSys already helps protect over a billion IoT devices. From smart televisions to critical infrastructure, we help securely protect and manage devices and communications, and deliver analytics to detect stealthy, sophisticated advanced threats to IoT systems and devices.
Embedded Critical System Protection

Secure devices with embedded operating systems

Protect IoT devices against attacks. AuroSys Embedded Security: Critical System Protection protects leading embedded operating systems, including Linux, QNX, and Windows Embedded operating systems. Starting with a core technology that has protected vital financial servers for years, we’ve extended the technology to protect automotive, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), manufacturing equipment, ATM, Point of Sale (POS), and medical devices.
Device Certificates for Stronger Authentication
Protect your communications
Authenticate IoT devices and encrypt data transmitted throughout IoT systems and networks. Build security into your IoT systems and products so that they are secure by design. Such proper mutual authentication can help ensure that devices only accept connections and commands from authorized systems, avoiding the pitfalls hackers exercising unauthorized control of devices such as vehicles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, and smart city infrastructure.
  • Easily embedded into any device, with or without operating systems.
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for extremely constrained devices, low MHz, very few KB of SRAM.
Code Signing Certificates
Control permission for code to run on your devices
  • Supports cloud signing & control of ELF & Java file formats.
  • Supports complex relationships between authors & publishers.
  • Helps manage complicated ecosystems of tiered suppliers.
Ensure that the code running on your devices is code you have authorized to run, and not code loaded by attackers.
  • With most chipsets, including Secure Boot chipsets with proprietary tools requiring supported algorithms.
  • For application-level code signing and verification through popular open-source cryptographic libraries such as OpenSSL and Micro-ECC.
AuroSys helps companies manage signing permissions for internal and partner software development firms:
  • Ensuring that you control which supplier code is authorized to run on systems you distribute.
  • Protecting code-signing keys as employees and partners come and go.
AuroSys implements the best of
IoT Security Protocols
  • Authentication
  • Secured Communications
  • Boot Process Protection
  • Secure Software and Firmware Update
  • Stored Data Encryption and Integrity Protection
  • Platform Integrity Verification
  • Crypto Offloads
  • Audit and Accountability
  • Cryptographic Key Generation and Management
  • Lifecycle Management

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