An easy to use and attention grabbing User Interface(UI) is crucial for a business to communicate with users. On the other hand, rewarding and pleasing user experience in interacting with a web or mobile app is key to continue this engagement and convert it to business. Well, when it comes to beautiful UI and engaging UX for your website or mobile app, we at AuroSys, leave no leaf unturned to make it happen. Attractive UI and sophisticated UX designed by us helped a great many businesses prosper with steady user conversion.

Important facts to note:

It is already a well known fact that vast majority of users are visual learners. Especially in the discovery phase most consumers prefer the brand message visually. Consumers are increasingly reluctant to decipher the brand message through reading dense body of text. They are more willing to grab it with engaging visual interface.

Beautiful UI always does not convert into a great user experience. Eye catchy visuals apart, what user experience needs is intuitive layout and absolute ease of use. It has been seen that world’s most reputed brands incorporated in their website both appealing UI and very interactive as well as engaging UX.

The Product/Application Design is the first step to creating an ever lasting impact on potential customers. AuroSys holds decade worth of experience in creating Brands and not just designs!
Competitive Analysis
We help you understand how your application and experience can be better than the competition
Information Architecture
Design complex workflows, navigation and task flows. Optimize customer "happy paths" guiding them towards the desired actions
We create click through high/low fidelity mock-ups to give you in-depth application workflow
UI/UX Design
Creating excellent layouts based on wireframes and within your marketing/branding guidelines. Creation of graphics & icon family as per application requirements
Statistical data or complex workflows/charts that need to be displayed in print, web or on device. Infographics simplify presentation and visualization of your products or services
If the objective of your website is to deliver contents required by your users, how easily and engagingly you deliver the same is important for business conversion. We help your web content grab attention and ensure engagement in the following ways:
Brand Identities
You need to define and establish your brand identity to help your target audience easily recognise your business and consider buying your products and services. Typically a brand identity comprises elements like the name of the business, logo, typeface, colors, icons etc. that are we craft following a thorough Market Research & Evaluation.
Digital Identities
Now on the web and other digital platforms the same brand identity needs to be converted into digital identity a.k.a. digital presence of your business brand. Apart from all the elements mentioned above your digital identity will be established through your business website (s), social media handles and mobile apps.
Brand Communication
Communicating your target audience with the brand message is important for business conversion and growth. Your communication should be clear, straightforward and highly effective for the audience addressed.
Brand Messaging
Your communication to the customers can comprise of many things but it should have a clear and easy to remember brand message that can stick to the mind.
Our Process
We train companies to build web and digital presence not only for the sake of boosting the discoverability of their brand. We help them approach their target audience with unique selling proposition, brand value and effective message.
At AuroSys, we expressly employ visual design techniques to offer an effective brand message and unique value proposition to the audience. Our tailored communication is equally complemented with effective UI and other visual elements.
When marketing business specific contents through the digital and web interfaces, we set priority to channels as per the business objectives and nature of target audience. We build a solid distribution strategy to market digital contents for long and short term business growth.
When it comes to launching a new brand we are extra sincere to adopt all the measures that can create quick buzz around your product and service offerings. We delegate all our skills and strengths to boost the noticeability of the brand as soon as it is launched over the web.
Brands that earlier could not make any mark with their digital presence can again be given a boost with rebranding campaigns. Having experience for decades in digital branding for businesses, we can give facelift to any brand that lagged behind the competition.

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

Our Offerings
  • Strategic Corporate Identity Management
  • UI and UX Design Planning
  • UI Wire-Framing and Prototyping
  • Determining & Profiling Audience
  • Market & Brand Competitive Analysis
  • Creative Brief & Enhanced UX
  • Creating design optimised for mobile interface
  • SEO targeted design
  • Usability Testing for UI and UX
The AuroSys Advantage
  • Proven creative excellence
  • Talented & Award winning UI/UX design team
  • Building UI/UX specifically for the target audience
  • Years of digital design experience
  • Many successful apps to credit
  • Unique design output & custom design focus
  • More than just Blog!

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