If you have not hidden yourself in a deserted island for years, you must have heard about the IBM initiative in open cloud architecture?
IBM Bluemix is an implementation of IBM's Open Cloud Architecture based on Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). AuroSys leverages its extensive architecture that supports several programming languages including Java, Node.js, Go, PHP, Python, Ruby Sinatra, Ruby on Rails and can be extended to support other languages such as Scala through the use of build packs. It provides an extensive platform for integrated DevOps to build, run, deploy and manage applications on the cloud. It runs on SoftLayer infrastructure which is the latest cloud offering from IBM Bluemix.
Do you want to effectively take advantages of IBM Bluemix for your enterprise?

Well, AuroSys, a London, NewYork and India based IBM Business partner can be the right choice. AuroSys has mastered this technology to help its clients quickly and easily create, deploy and manage applications over the cloud.

AuroSys exercises the power of Bluemix and delivers enterprise-level services that can easily integrate with cloud applications without the hassles of having to configure them separately.

AuroSys has helped clients with several Hybrid Applications for enterprises allowing smooth operations with only a few clicks alongwith the provision for apps instances and the necessary services to support them. This streamlining translates countless hours of setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting into time spent rapidly towards innovating and reacting to never-ending requirement changes. Bluemix provides the rapid development environment enterprises need to react to users' demands for new features. AuroSys enables clients to use the full potential of this platform and the cloud to provide the elasticity and capacities with the flexibility clients require when their applications suddenly gains tremendous traction.

The IoT Foundation
Can you tell the biggest potential area for deployment and implementation of IBM Bluemix?
Well, it is none other than the IoT. With the constant advancements in the IoT vertical, new features have been added to Bluemix that are interesting for connected system development, so increase its value as an IoT development platform. Due to these new features, even more basic solutions can be copied so that IoT solutions can be created more efficiently and much faster.
Who can argue over the dominance of IBM in IoT solutions?

Being a pioneer in IoT Solutions and an IBM Business Partner, AuroSys uses the flexibility and modularity of IoT Foundation to integrate the most suitable components from what Bluemix has to offer with add-ons specific for a Hi-Tech Enterprise Application.

Well defined interfaces keep the amount of integration work very reasonable and allow flexible implementation. AuroSys delivers ready-to-use solutions for integrating different kinds of devices into the cloud and for enabling them to communicate with the cloud, for example by sending data.

AuroSys builds on its decades of experience in the industry to help clients develop flexible integration solutions making it possible to quickly test concepts, shorten project times, and reduce project risks. With strong expertise and deep understanding of IoT environments and architectures, AuroSys delivers easy to use systems to fully manage the devices and metadata. This cost effective solution is based on the amount of use of the service components and on the used resources, including the amount of used storage capacity.

This extensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) is less expensive than licensing hardware and software resources because the resources are only reserved as needed. In addition, the service saves a lot of time and expenses in getting off the ground.

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IBM Watson
If you want to add more cognitive value to your enterprise data structure and analytics, there is IBM Watson. With our fast paced transformation into a Digital World, businesses and industry experts are struggling to keep up with an overwhelming flow of digitalised information, but using data visualization suite like Watson, AuroSys helps enterprises analyze, understand and streamline information to bridge gaps in up to date business knowledge, helping decision makers to glean better insights. With Watson, discoveries and advances happen more quickly and decisions can be made faster with more confidence.
What IBM Watson can precisely do?
It actually democratizes enterprise expertise by scaling knowledge, experience, and intuition that once was limited to only a few key players in the business. In better words, rather than having a single expert or group of experts, Watson ingests that expertise, giving easy access to knowledge to everyone across the enterprise. Watson represents an entirely new model of cognitive computing meaning it understands all types of data and it isn’t programmed, it learns to help your business evolve. AuroSys has been delivering extensive solutions across a wide range of industries through Watson’s open developer platform. IBM continues to expand Watson’s capabilities, enabling AuroSys to bring its own creativity and aspirations as we help our customer’s businesses with cognitive computing technology for deeper insights.
Watson Explorer
Watson Explorer is a technology platform that accesses and analyzes structured and unstructured content. Explorer presents Data, Analytics and Cognitive Insights in a single view. Explorer gives you the information you’re looking for while also helping understand trends, patterns and relationships with consumers & target audiences.
Do you want to know how does Watson Explorer benefit businesses?
Well, just look at the various instances here:
Explores and Presents Relevant Data and Analytics
  • Access Enterprise, Cloud and External Data
  • Quickly view relevant Data, Analytics and Cognitive Insights in one place
  • Create Apps that pull in multiple Data Sources
Analyzes Information to Reveal Insights
  • Analyze unstructured data to reveal new insights
  • Reveal Trends and Patterns hidden in unstructured content
  • Get information tailored to business needs
Interprets information with Watson APIs
  • Integrate Watson Cognitive APIs
  • Help Employees understand content
  • Make better business decisions
Watson Analytics

IBM released the Watson Analytics to offer deeper insights to businesses using benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity of having to evaluate information manually. AuroSys uses its smart data discovery service available on the cloud that guides Data Exploration, automates Predictive Analytics and enables effortless, user friendly Dashboard and Infographic creations for greater productivity.

Watson Analytics provides the complex math and coding of analytics and AuroSys helps businesses to leverage this technology for the enterprise to simplify decision making process generating more value for employees as well as customers. Smart data discovery gives us an upper edge to help our customers via Predictive Modelling, Data Preparation, Dashboards and Visualizations, in just a few clicks.

IBM IoT Use Cases
Without knowing specific Use Cases, you cannot understand the technology in depth. So, here we describe some specific use cases:
Asset management
Gain near real-time visibility into asset usage, benefit from predictive maintenance and extend the useful life of capital equipment.
Facilities management
Implement next-generation processes, adapt your portfolios with changing work practices, leverage smarter building technologies and meet new global accounting standards.
Software product development
Adopt continuous engineering practices to address cost, time and quality challenges in delivering complex, connected industrial IoT products.
IoT for Electronics
Collect data from IoT connected devices and apply advanced analytics to reveal insights in real time. Create innovative products and services.
IoT for Automotive
Provide driver, vehicle and environmental insights through analytics, tapping both vehicle and geolocation data collected in IoT-connected cars.

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