With the growth of mobility encompassing businesses at unprecedented pace, mobility demands better management frameworks, right?

Well, this is why managed mobility as a service has risen in recent times.

In the advancing business world of today, customers as well as employees of any business are getting more and more dependent on mobile technologies than ever before. Every employee and customer who interacts with the business is expecting nothing less than the best experience hence embracing these opportunities while addressing the risks involved, is becoming eminent for businesses. The rapid pace of innovation in mobile devices and software has made managing it all a moving target, but the proliferation of user-owned devices at work means businesses can no longer wait to bulk up their support infrastructure.

Expert mobility management service providers can take care of all the devices in use at workplace. AuroSys has been helping companies create extremely effective Mobile strategies by delivering end-to-end services for Managed Enterprise Mobility as well as Mobile Apps Development for iOS, Android & Windows. AuroSys is a trusted partner for several small, mid and large scale enterprises with excellent track record of unparalleled capabilities in Managing Mobile Devices, Developing Customer & Employee Facing Applications, Content and Email Management, Security & Privacy Management as well as Self Service App Stores & APIs Development.

AuroSys Service Offerings

Assessing Business Needs

How mobile devices can add value to your business process, workplace and workforce? We need to assess the business needs of mobility. We can help you assessthe same in the following ways:

  • Our team of experts work with our clients to understand their specific business requirements to design a customized Mobile Strategy and Approach
  • We help our clients leverage the opportunity presented by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Developing evaluation parameters & criteria for selecting mobile solutions aligned with customer and business goals
  • Identify key business challenges and define appropriate strategy
  • Prioritizing investments in mobility to achieve best ROI
  • Defining governance mechanism for mobility projects

Developing & Managing Mobile Apps

We, at AuroSys provide diverse mobile app development and management solutions including the following:

  • UI/UX Designing & Mobile App Development on iOS, Android & Windows
  • Reduced development & deployment timeframes
  • Enterprise Class Apps Development Approaches
  • Flexible and Scalable Apps
  • Supporting all devices across all operating systems seamlessly
  • Managing End User support of infrastructure and applications
  • Reduce time to market for custom mobile applications through a variety of support models
  • Monitor, Measure & Analyze mobile engagements.
  • Periodic Version Upgrades for Secured environment

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Our Expertise
Our mobility management expertise range across different niche areas like the following:
Mobile Device Management
Monitor, Manage and Secure Employees' mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and operating systems being used in the organization.
Mobile Application Development & Management
Deploy Native & Cross Platform Applications for Customers & Employees in reduced time and costs to support iOS, Android & Windows devices
Mobile Content Management
Deliver customized and secured content across the organization regardless of device type or operating system
Mobile Email Management
Secured Emails, Contacts & Calendar for Data theft prevention across company owned and employee devices
Mobile Browsing Management
Define and enforce secured browsing policies and restrict internet access with permission based tools and suites
Empower your employees with secure BYOD with the growth of mobility and conveniently revolutionize the technology perspective to create a secured business environment
Mobile Security
Extended protection to secure mobile devices and data with integrated device management and enterprise solutions. Our Mobile security solutions include:
  • Device and User Security
  • Email Security
  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Content Security
Technical Proficiency
While technical capability is crucial for mobility management, we have proven skill set in the following areas:
  • AirWatch
  • FiberlinkMaaS 360
  • IBM MDM Suite
  • MobileIron
  • Zenprise

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