The way we interact with our surroundings has been given a complete shift by new technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. AR and VR as the names suggest are technologies that enhance our real-world experiences with things in our surroundings and beyond. With a mix of various high tech manoeuvres now the so called digital and real world experience can be breached allowing a more powerful experience of reality.
We, at AuroSys, build and provide cutting edge AR & VR Solutions for various businesses and consumer niches. Having already built an array of most sophisticated solutions combining various technologies we have the skills, tools and expertise to build AR/VR based apps with most immersive experience.
How AR/VR works?

The best way to explain how Augmented Reality works in conjunction with our digital and real world experience is to see how computer or device generated images correspond with the surroundings we pass through. For instance, an AR powered map app can offer you real time directional guidance while featuring images of the surroundings with the help of your camera. Thus both the digital and real world experience are becoming part of an organic as well as compound experience of reality helping the user to navigate and find ways.

Augmented & Virtual reality apps can also help retailers presenting their products in a more interactive and engaging manner. For example, a retail app can offer its products with three dimensional images and immersive videos to help buyers get the original feel and experience of the products.

AR & VR are now also widely used in mobile games allowing a more immersive gaming experience.

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Advantages Of Augmented & Virtual Reality
AR/VR is most popularly used in enterprise solutions across various niches including gaming, education, marketing, entertainment, government, etc. When enterprises are trying to do everything to grab user attention and boost user engagement, the immersive experience ensured by augmented reality can really play a great role. Let us mention here some of its key benefits as follows:
  • You can take your digital marketing and advertising to a new level thanks to immersive reality apps
  • AR/VR pushes user engagement and boosts brand presence quickly.
  • AR/VR makes way for interactive and compelling apps that stands over competition
  • With AR outstanding customer experience is guaranteed
  • Thanks to this technology, you can present your business offerings in an interactive manner allowing customers to make quicker and better purchase decisions
  • AR/VR will enhance your marketing efforts allowing innovative interactions
  • Give your brand a visually impressive presence more than anything else
AuroSys AR/VR Service Offerings
At AuroSys, we offer a broad range of augmented reality solutions for vast array of business verticals.
Some of the key areas we hold technical expertise include the following tools:
  • ARToolKit
  • SLARToolkit
  • FLARToolkit & FLARManager For Adobe Flash
  • AR Media
  • Vuforia AR SDK
  • NyARToolkit
  • LinceoVR
  • HandyAR
  • Total Immersion – D’Fusion Studio
  • Layar
  • Wikitude
  • Junaio
Why AuroSys for AR/VR?
We stand as the industry's leading AR/VR service provider with multitude of unique and innovative solutions for several industry niches including gaming, retail, education, entertainment, travel, etc. Here are some of the key reasons to choose AuroSys for AR/VR solutions:
  • At AuroSys, we have built several sophisticated and smart AR/VR solutions for marketing campaigns.
  • We build AR solutions for all major mobile and OS platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.
  • Delivering innovative AR & VR solutions with creative design excellence and sophisticated features is our strength.
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