Why End-to-End Mobile Device Management is So Important? 5 Reasons to Consider

Mobile devices and apps have reached explosive proportion with hundreds of smartphone brands and millions of apps fighting among themselves for market share. All IT companies are stressed to the optimum in trying to manage such explosive range of devices. While allowing mobile devices of the employees for official work will always be productive, the multifaceted device ecosystem will not be without security risks and vulnerabilities as well. Now, businesses also lack all the tools and expert manpower to manage such gamut of mobile devices that are in use. Considering all these, it seems end to end mobile device management is the only solution to the problem. Here are 5 reasons to favour such solutions.

  • Absence Of Centralised Visibility

A vast majority of enterprises accommodate several wireless carriers that are maintained through different portals while lacking a consolidated and centralised view of all of them in one page. Such disjointed presence of wireless carriers across several portals also make the accessibility and ease of use challenging. Without a consolidated and centralised view of all the portals within a single interface the user insights also cannot be processed properly.

  • The Frustrating User Experience

The huge Time and energy required to manage day to day IT tasks and maintain the user data for business operation can also cause tremendous frustration from the responsible employees who are in charge if handling tasks and interacting with these interfaces. The employees who are the immediate users of these enterprise IT apps and systems can also expect a lot of customisation in the look and feel of the interface they are supposed to handle.

  • Cost Management

Just because mobility is dynamic in nature involving too many constituent factors and creative possibilities, an enterprise can actually end up spending much higher than what is regarded as the bare minimum and necessary. This is why an end to end lifecycle management tool is necessary to evaluate the cost and keeping track of the cost factors while embracing mobile solutions. With an end to end centralised mobility management platform powering the enterprise IT system the solutions can be chosen as per necessity and need of the hour.

  • Dealing With Issues Of Inefficiency

Inefficiency is the single most challenge to productive output for any enterprise irrespective of the business niche. Without a defined process and a highly organised platform with all constituent factors put together, inefficiency is likely to be the rule of the day. With an end to end mobility management and consolidated interface in place the productivity of the employees can be given a considerable boost. Such consolidated interface will also allow tracking the employed interactions helping far better output.

  • Security

The cloud based enterprise systems coupled up with multifaceted mobile device ecosystem always offers lot of security challenges and vulnerabilities as often we cannot come up with an established protocol. Variety of users along with different ways to approach customer centric issues make security challenges further bigger. An end to end consolidated mobility system can put an end to such concerns with robust inbuilt tools and protocols for safeguarding data. Moreover, such consolidation also helps in managing the system with far more decisive controls than ever before.

Khushboo Jobanputra
Khushboo Jobanputra
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