Naming enterprise solutions begin with SAP, right?

Well, SAP has become synonymous with sophisticated enterprise IT solutions. Since its foundation in 1974, Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) has evolved to become the world premier provider of client/server business solutions. But, a revolutionary period of SAP run businesses has now begun with velocity. You can now promptly and effortlessly streamline the business processes by providing secured and reliable access to the management and provide real time information authorized for the stipulated users more efficiently.

AuroSys, an expert service provider in Mobile Application Development and Enterprise Mobility on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME and Blackberry platforms, offers extensive solutions for SAP Development, Customization and Deployment services to its clients around the globe for more than a decade now. With our domain expertise in SAP and technology expertise in Mobility, we develop custom solutions to mobilize the SAP platform for greater control and seamless accessibility to business systems at a single click.

Cross Platform SAP Mobility
AuroSys holds unparalleled expertise on both Xamarin and SAP platforms allowing us to seamlessly integrate SAP with cross platform mobile technologies and provide custom solutions for high-end flexibility & improvised user experience.
The SAP Mobility Advantage
  • Timely Execution of Business Operations
  • Efficient Business Intelligence
  • Reporting Made Easy
  • MIS and Data Management
  • Tax Solutions
  • Effective Management Solutions
  • Simplified Analysis
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Real Time Information
  • Bottom Line Data Management

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Some of the Industry Specific Solutions
Manufacturing & Production
Production Capacity Updates, Reporting on Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly basis, Data Analysis, Accounting, Sales Ledger, Tax Calculation etc, Bill of Materials, Alerts, Requests & Approvals, Automation, SCM and Logistics, Business Intelligence and more.
Inventory Management, Sales Ledger, Purchase Orders, Reporting & Analysis, Accounting, Inventory Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management etc.
Banking & Finance
Daily Transaction Details, Analytical Banking, Account Management, Reporting, Cash Management, Creditors & Loans Reporting, CRM & Customer Details, BI with custom dashboards- KPI’s KRA’s etc.
Travel & Hospitality
Ticketing System Access, Booking Management, Travel Schedules & Reminders, Accounting, Reporting, Data Analysis and Management.
Inventory Management, Sales Ledger, Delivery Management, WorkShop Reporting & Data Analysis, Product Rates and Discounts Accounting, Data Centre Updates, Customer Retention, CRM etc.
Marketing & Advertising
Customer Reporting, Promotions & Campaign Details, Revenue Reporting, Social Media & Branding, Document Management, Vendor Management etc.
Content Management & Sharing, Realtime Messaging, Students Alerts & Notifications, Course Material Management etc.
IT Service Providers
Project Reporting, Delivery Process Management, Revenue Reporting, Cost & Time Analysis, Accounting, MIS etc.
Non Profit Organization
Event Management Details, Activity Lists, Reporting, Accounting.
Customer Details, Patient Records, Daily Production Reporting, Revenue Stats, Inventory Management, Alarms & Notifications, Reporting, Accounting, MIS, Digital Records & History etc.

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