Can anyone disagree to the fact that games are the most popular mobile apps?

No, nobody can since games often make headlines because of excessive interest from gamers. Games get viral most often and then they fetch millions overnight. Games make biggest success stories compared to any other types of apps. With the overwhelming demands of game apps, development skills, design excellence and game monetization have become more crucial than ever for such apps.

So, mobile game app development is seemingly an expert job, right?

Our long years of experience and proven track record in building successful gaming apps can come to your aid. AuroSys employs a team of innovative game app developers with vast experience and splendid record of past achievements having created some of the most appealing and attractive gaming apps on the App stores today.


AuroSys also holds superior skills in development for Augmented Reality Gaming Apps. Using our expertise in AR Games development, we provide high end games based on complex AI Algorithms. Our team of visual artists also includes UI & UX Designers for delivering an exciting gaming experience to users.

Our track record consists using tools like:

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

Our expertise in developing mobile game apps range across diverse platforms and development frameworks including the following:
Unity 2D & 3D Gaming
Hybrid Mobile Technologies

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