Agriculture in the present world is one of the most volatile areas. While consumers are continuing to demand cleaner and organic food, it has become challenging to ensure the quality and food nutrients as cheaper alternatives and environmentally dangerous agricultural practices have become regular. Modern agriculture can be benefited tremendously from the data driven analytics bringing the agricultural data under the scanner of verification. In this respect modern data centric technologies like Blockchain can play a huge disruptive role.
Some of the key areas in agriculture that Blockchain can really benefit include:
Bringing transparency in dealing with agricultural data
Securing mobile payment, transaction data and financial credit data.
Boosting the transparency in supply chain data and transactions
Adding value to finance and transactions in the developing world
Blockchains will help boosting access to finance for the farmers in the developing countries. Having the highest number of people depending on agriculture in developing countries, this is a huge market striving for financial help to make their agriculture sustainable over time. Thanks to mobile banking which is accessible now by this farming population, financial help can reach these people. Blockchain as a tamper proof data registry technology can help facilitating access to finance with strong security mechanism.
Blockchain is destined to be the future of AgroTech
Blockchain is far from just an overhyped technology buzzword. It represents revolutionary possibility to transform many spheres of life including agriculture. While farmers are quick to adapt to new technologies like mobility for real life advantages, Blockchain further can help people reap the benefits of mobile transactions by allowing unrestricted access to a tamper proof data pool.

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Some of the Use cases of Blockchain in agriculture
Boosting transparency in transactions
Thanks to Blockchain small farming companies now are able to track transactions and obligations of agreements to ensure accountability. Monitoring and keeping track of transactions to prevent any fraudulent activities in agricultural transactions is a big advantage of Blockchain technology.
Boosting efficiency in finance
On a large scale the fast paced transaction between buyers and producers is a crucial obligation to ensure profitability. Thanks to Blockchain’s unrestricted data access without any threat to security, transactional efficiency and speed can be boosted to a great extent.
Improving farming through data driven insights
By monitoring agricultural data from time to time, more effective insights can be produced to add value to modern agricultural research. Blockchain keeping real time farming data together in a huge registry can make producing agricultural insights easier.
Land registry
The dispute over the ownership of land is a common one in the entire developing world. A Blockchain based land registry can keep land ownership data in tamper proof condition and thus can bring down disputes over land to a minimum, and so it would have a direct and positive impact on agricultural production.

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