What do you understand by M2M solutions?

Let us explain the essence of this emerging field first. M2M solution stands for Machine to Machine integration allowing connectivity, communication and network among devices without requiring any manual intervention. There are increasing numbers of connected devices that perform diverse range of actions without human intervention. Specialty M2M solutions providers can help businesses redefine M2M capabilities.

AuroSys delivers expertise driven M2M solutions equipped to meet highest industry standard, at the forefront of developing M2M capabilities that improve and simplify the way you do business. Our portfolio enables solutions in industries ranging from healthcare, retail services, smart energy, transportation, logistics, manufacturing and automotive.

The M2M market is looking for solutions that drive down operating costs by improving business process efficiency and SLAs guaranteeing performance levels around the globe.

The arrival of the “always connected” generation along with upgraded mobile networks, have fostered the multiplication of devices. Mobile services continue to grow and are transforming how people behave and how businesses engage with them. Mobile connectivity is now an integral part of our everyday lives with a clear focus on immediacy and convenience to provide for an easy way to connect such devices is a strong opportunity for mobile operators and device manufacturers

AuroSys offers a broad range of M2M communication services for development of device management platforms with cloud-based M2M applications and value added services designed to simplify your business processes while assuring highest security, reliability and long life of M2M solutions.

Whether you need an M2M solution for commercial fleets, consumer vehicles, security/alarm, healthcare, point-of-sale, monitoring & control or a utility, our seasoned team of experts will ensure that your M2M or IoT solution gives you a competitive edge ensuring that you exceed business goals.

Contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your business and how AuroSys can help you to develop a M2M solution that sets you apart from the pack.

Features of M2M solutions
What are the key features of M2M solutions? Here are a few:
  • Data Analytics, Aggregation and Visualization
  • Asset Monitoring and Management
  • Usage Reporting
  • Real Time Data
  • Remote Access and Diagnostics
Benefits of M2M solutions
M2M solutions offer a whole range of benefits. Let us have a look at some of them:
  • Operational and Logistical Cost Savings
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Competitive Advantage
With a combined experience exceeding 30 years, AuroSys has developed a unique set of principles that can be applied to virtually any application in any market, to capture and deliver the data that's important to your business. Applications that could benefit from M2M monitoring solutions include:
  • Asset Monitoring Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring for Generators
  • Water and Wastewater Monitoring
  • M2M Corrosion Control
  • Smart Streetlights
  • Remote Monitoring of Weather Stations
  • Smart Building Controls
  • Remote Engine Monitoring
  • Remote Machine Monitoring
  • Manufacturing IoT
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring

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Are you looking for a global M2M solutions provider having extensive experience and expertise in the field?
Well, AuroSys can be the right bet for you. Here are some reasons that enable AuroSys stand out as a M2M solution provider:
  • AuroSys is a leading global IoT/M2M service provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) network connectivity - offering complete global coverage through GSM, CDMA and satellite data services.
  • As a premier IoT/M2M service provider, AuroSys offers connectivity where you need it, with the appropriate and cost effective IoT/M2M network technology your business requires.
AuroSys' premier IoT/M2M solutions include optimized price plans from local, regional and global carrier partners that are customized to your business requirements. Because AuroSys owns and operates its own platform and system, so customer-specific rating and billing plans can be created as needed. AuroSys pioneered such M2M-specific rate plans as pay-per-use, pooled plans and offers auto-adjusting IntelliRate pricing for our Global Connect offering.
AuroSys understands that a scalable, secure network is the foundation upon which our partners deliver mission-critical applications to their downstream customers. AuroSys has built a state-of-the-art, optimized M2M network which provides complete redundancy and self-healing capabilities in the event of a physical connection being compromised. Built for High Availability and five nine's reliability, a single connection to AuroSys provides access to a multitude of carrier and technology partners locally, regionally and globally.
AuroSys, the leading M2M service provider, has expertise in IoT/M2M management platform development with both web-based interface and API for integration into back-office systems and logic. With the ability to set customized data monitoring thresholds down to specific devices or groups of devices, customers can realize real cost savings and operational efficiencies by identifying problems before they result in large overage fees.
M2M Security

Some of the same elements that have given rise to the booming M2M and IoT industries are also opening the door to a variety of new security threats. Wireless network evolution, increased computing power, declining costs and open software are just a few advances that increase risk in our new world of connectivity. As the global leader in digital security, AuroSys is uniquely positioned to provide leading edge solutions, platforms and services to protect your data - from the core to the edge and at all points in between.

Whether designing a new IoT solution or evaluating an existing M2M device, AuroSys provides the expertise and technology elements needed to secure solutions at the right level for each unique business case. With a long history of safeguarding solutions for critical industries such as banking, government, healthcare and IT, we allow enterprises to trust our increasingly connected world.

  • Security Consulting Services help enterprises identify, analyze and mitigate risk by designing end-to-end security architecture that leverages passive, reactive and active measures to safeguard assets and data.
  • Security Evaluation Services provide thorough penetration testing of devices and systems including reverse engineering and physical - logical manipulation to confirm appropriate security solutions, as the end-to-end architecture is in place before production begins.
  • Secure Elements provide the maximum level of protection at the edge for the most critical M2M applications including smart grid, automotive and healthcare solutions. They bring together smart card level protection with tamper resistance hardware and multi-application capabilities including crypto functions, credentials and certificates storage.
  • Secure Platforms and a range of software solutions including Subscription Management and On Demand Connectivity protect data at the core and in motion and greatly simplify solution deployment as well.
Some of the Use Cases
After all practical implementation, the use cases explain merit of a service, right?

Well, here we provide some of the use cases for M2M solutions:

In the era of new connected device with four wheels, vehicles are being transformed into mobile offices, media screening rooms and personal assistants offering convenient features such as 4G connectivity for multiple devices, simultaneous Internet radio and movie streaming, eCall capabilities up to the minute, 3D navigation guidance and much more.
M2M allows physicians to track chronic disease and patient well-being in real time, communicating treatment plans before critical conditions arise. Secure mHealth solutions are advancing modern medicine and improving patient outcomes while reducing office visits, saving time and expense
Tracking & Tracing
In today’s times manufacturing and distribution companies can “see” products 24-7 and change routes and schedules in real time to improve productivity and ensure on time delivery. M2M solutions automatically adjust temperature, humidity and pressure in cargo containers for ideal environmental conditions to safeguard goods and reduce spoilage.
Smart Energy
In the modern world, power consumption is measured and managed in real time helping to conserve energy, reduce costs and increase reliability and billing transparency. Secure M2M smart grid solutions seamlessly integrate green energy sources, increasing energy independence while reducing the global carbon footprint.

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