In a connected world, the importance of sophisticated connectivity solutions is inarguably agreed upon, isn’t it?

So to say, it is actually the basis of our present day lifestyle. Connectivity in terms of Wireless communication between 2 or more devices is an essential part of modern lifestyle. This niche market has inclined since the time of its inception and the advancement has led to Low energy Bluetooth v5.0 and 802.11ac standard Wi-Fi availability, alongwith emerging RF technologies like LoRa.

While connectivity is crucial for any business process now, you need experts' hands to build it, right?

AuroSys holds comprehensive expertise in Connectivity Solutions like Digital Media Products, Network Controllers, Video Conferencing Tools, VoIP terminals, Home Entertainment Systems, Sensor Networks, etc.

AuroSys delivers end-to-end lifecycle including R&D, PoC, Custom Product Development, Software Enhancement, Pre-integrated Solutions, Embedded Solutions including Designing and Front-end Development.

Domain Expertise
Let us mention here some of the key areas of our expertise in building connectivity solutions.
WiFi – 802.11ac
Bluetooth v5.0
BLE Beacons
Board Designing &
Prototype Development
ZigBee – PRO
Home Automation
Connectivity Solutions On various technologies like LoRa, SigFox etc.
Firmware Development
(Device Drivers)

Fuelled by passion, driven by values, we're all geared to work together with you!

Past Experiences

Our experience in building connectivity solutions is varied across a wide spectrum of solutions.

Here are few of the widely adopted solutions we possess strong experience on:

  • Bluetooth HUB
  • Bluetooth to Ethernet
  • WiFi HDMI Home Media Gateway
  • Device Drivers for WiFi Wireless
  • WiFi Mesh Networking
  • ZigBee PRO Energy Measurement Solution.
  • Home Connectivity Solutions
  • Data Band-off between WiFi and 3G for WiFi+3G Routers

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