IBM MobileFirst is an extensive platform to efficiently and effectively develop, test and deploy Mobile Applications that provide seamless User Experience across a wide range of Mobile devices. It offers highly flexible & adaptive framework to upgrade Applications as the market trends change and also creates opportunities to constantly improve customer engagement. AuroSys, being a pioneer IBM Business Partner, has mastered the MobileFirst platform and delivers extensive applications for enterprises in limited budget & timeline.
Mobility For All

Mobility has gained attention of enterprises around the globe and has significant implications for each industry. IBM MobileFirst provides seamless integration with critical backend enterprise systems from databases, CRMs and of course, the Cloud. The true magnitude and complexity of mobile initiatives is indeed apparent. AuroSys has been a forerunner in designing Mobile strategies for Enterprises since the inception of the MobileFirst platform.

AuroSys has mastered the IBM MobileFirst Foundation which supports Rich, Integrated lifecycles that extends the development, delivery and management capabilities of IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation with addition of scalable data services, code scanning, quality assurance and geo-location support accelerating the delivery of Mobile strategy with Native, Cross Platform & Hybrid Applications.

AuroSys uncovers the Power of the Five:
MobileFirst Studio
A development platform for Developing, Testing and Integration of Native, Hybrid and Web Apps.
MobileFirst Application Center
Create Enterprise App Stores to distribute Mobile Apps.
MobileFirst Server
To provide Stronger Security and Multi-level Authentication for Mobile Apps.
MobileFirst Device Runtime
A Client-side Runtime code that enables interaction with the MobileFirst server.
MobileFirst Console
A Web-based user interface for Monitoring and Administering the server and Deployed Applications.

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The key benefits of IBM Mobile First for Enterprises
  • Facilitating Faster Deployment
  • Supporting Multiple Integration Technologies and Back-end Systems
  • Supporting Read-only and Transactional Access Modes to Back-end Systems
  • Enabling Secure Authentication For Establishing External Connections
  • Assuring Enterprises of Transparency and Scalability
IBM MobileFirst Protect

The increasing demand of Enterprise Mobility exposes the business to several threats and securing Business Data is more vitally prominent than ever before. IBM MobileFirst Protect allows an enterprise manage the Mobile Infrastructure to optimize performance and enables employees to work anytime and anywhere.

AuroSys helps its customers seamlessly secure and manage Devices, Applications, Content and Transactions with advanced Mobile Management, Secure Productivity Suite, Secure Gateway Access, Secure Document Sharing and advanced threat protection and prevention.

IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile
IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile enables enterprises address mobile security challenges by proactively enforcing access policies for web environments and mobile collaboration channels. Built by IBM Security, this new threat management technology integrates the flexible power of cloud, the comprehensive control of enterprise mobility management and the most sophisticated defense tools yet created against malware and mobile fraud. AuroSys helps its clients use this powerful tool to ensure highest security of business data and protects enterprises from external threats & frauds.

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