To take advantage of Mobile technologies, IBM has introduced IBM MobileFirst as a true end-to-end solution for IT companies to help clients with extensive mobile experience across a wide range of devices. AuroSys leverages its expertise on this exclusive platform by IBM to make it easier for its clients to realize the importance of mobility objectives for employees, and to strengthen customer engagement and interactions for your business.
AuroSys is a pioneer IBM Business Partner and delivers high quality Enterprise Mobility developed on MobileFirst Platform helping companies adopt mobile apps designed to address the needs of both employees and customers. We enable companies adapt to both business-to-consumer and business-to-employee environments with seamless transition from existing processes supporting emerging trends, such as bring your own device (BYOD) and apply advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to help track app usage patterns and customer behaviour.
AuroSys Expertise on IBM MobileFirst Platform
MobileFirst Server
Allows implementing a gateway between back-end systems and services and the mobile client applications.  AuroSys enables client’s server for application authentication, data endpoints/services, data optimization and transformation, push notification management (streamlined API for all platforms), consolidated logging, and app analytics etc.
MobileFirst API
Using both client and server-side APIs for developing and managing enterprise mobile applications
MobileFirst Studio
An all inclusive development environment that allows us to develop enterprise apps on the MobileFirst platform for our customers to provide an integrated server, development environment, facilities to create and test all data adapters/services, a browser-based hybrid app simulator, and the ability to generate platform-specific applications for deployment.
MobileFirst Console
Easy to use dashboard and management portal for MobileFirst applications, view APIs and adapters deployed, set app notifications, manage or disable apps, report on connected devices and platforms, push notification monitoring, viewing analytics information for all services and adapters operating via the MobileFirst server
MobileFirst Application Center
It allows mobile apps sharing easily and in a more secured environment within our clients' organization via an independent portal
MobileFirst Application Scanning
We help our customers deploy a security layer in software development lifecycle allowing us to deliver highly secured applications.
MobileFirst Quality Assurance
We ensure 100% quality in Apps development via automated crash analytics, user feedback and in-app bug reporting

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The AuroSys Advantage

What makes us so special as an IBM Mobile Solutions company?
Let us mention some of our specialties that make our services stand out:

  • Attract new customers, transform your value chain,
    and increase productivity
  • Turn interactions into an opportunity for return
    on engagement and investment
  • Engage users by delivering applications that are created
    with simplified multi-channel solutions
  • Provide a consistent brand experience
    to your customers
  • Deliver innovation by using cloud
    technologies to meet increased
    IT demands, lower costs, gain insights,
    visibility, and control of your IT infrastructure
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