AuroSys is a forerunner in Internet of Things (IoT) & Internet of Everything (IoE) industry leveraging its modern, robust and differentiated approach to the market. AuroSys has helped customers across the globe to unlock hidden potentials of their business and create growth through technology innovation, while also empowering them with cost efficient solutions that generate industry-leading business performances. With a large number of new players in the industry today, it is essential to identify the right professionals, with extensive expertise, for designing & implementing your IoT strategy to ensure full ROI.
The IoT Architect is one of the most important roles in Defining, Designing and Executing comprehensive IoT Solutions. Your fulltime dedicated IoT Architect is not limited to a specific set of skills and performs a wide range of tasks including design of IoT Infrastructure & Applications, Analysis of business requirements and estimation through systems, application and/or process design specification, training other team members, managing the team of fulltime dedicated embedded engineers as well as communicating with clients.
  • Analyzing business requirements & advising client’s on how to leverage IOT and related technologies to transform their business in an agile market environment
  • Developing functional/business development & test plans as well as certifying the functionalities of the IoT solutions crafting highly scalable solutions for IoT systems
  • Conducting system research, analyzing technical requirements, resolving critical issues and leading the Hardware & Software development team
  • Maintaining and improving IOT related processes that maximize system availability, efficiency, effectiveness and minimizes issues raised during the course of development
  • Leading the process of Proof-Of-Concepts to create new IoT offerings
  • Prototyping new products to demonstrate the viability of IoT concepts
  • Designing High/Low Level Design Diagrams, Data Model, Data Flow and Interface Specifications
  • Researching and providing information on new and emerging IoT technologies and sensor capabilities
  • Design, purchase, integrate, deploy and maintain small and large scale customized IoT solutions
  • Support cyber security analysis and initiatives as required for deployed solutions
  • Participating in the integration of solutions into existing infrastructures, driving systems integration and implementation approaches including identification of third party products

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  • 60% savings on cost compared to hiring Onsite Resources
  • 100% savings on Infrastructure & Overhead costs
  • Detailed reporting with Daily timesheets
  • Only qualified & experienced professionals
  • Thorough screening & background checks done before hiring
  • Periodic training for up to date knowledge
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