Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning is leading innovation within a wide spectrum of industries powered by the Internet. Predictive analytics is all about data. In order to truly capitalize on predictive analytics, companies need to identify what data they are collecting, where it is housed, who has access, how data is currently being used and what kind of data they may need to solve the problems identified. In the past few years, predictive analytics has gone from an exotic technique practiced in just a few niches, to a competitive weapon with a rapidly expanding range of uses. The increasing adoption of predictive analytics is fuelled by converging trends: the Big Data, ever improving tools for data analysis, and a steady stream of demonstrated successes in new applications.

AuroSys helps its clients seamlessly implement & integrate Predictive Analysis tools and technologies to provide a platform for making more informed business decisions, or in some cases, to automate the entire decision-making process. AuroSys offers extensive solutions that use multiple techniques like Data Mining, Statistics, Modeling, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to predict future based on currently available data sets. Our expertise in bringing together the Management, Information Technology & Business Models allows us to deliver complete solutions for business analytics leveraging the potential of Data Visualization, Science and Big Data technologies. AuroSys delivers end-to-end solutions for designing and implementing reliable methods of business forecasting focused on risk management and data security based on current and historical data of customer interactions. We help organisations adapt to the specific needs of their industry leveraging our expertise in Predictive Models that help analyze the data in real time to shorten the decision making process.

Why AuroSys for Predictive Analytics?
  • AuroSys works with medium and large scale companies across multiple industries offering end to end solutions in Predictive Analytics for Automotive, Banking & Finance, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Our team of highly experienced and trained engineers holds deep understanding of challenges faced by industries, ultimately providing the fuel for innovation in designing & implementation of Predictive Analytics Algorithms using advanced as well as emerging technologies & platforms.
    • SAP Predictive Analysis
    • SAP Business Intelligence
    • SAS Predictive Analysis
    • IBM Predictive Analytics (IBM Business Partner for Watson)
  • Our approach ensures complete transparency into your specific business needs which reduces risk, improves efficiency and generates higher profits through data analysis and systematic reasoning.
  • AuroSys helps clients leverage big data capabilities for them to analyze customer preferences and understand user behavior for targeted marketing
AuroSys' expertise in Predictive Analytics implementation and Data Mining provides the foundation to unlock business value from data collected from all devices being used across the company, so our customers can optimize business operations locally, nationally, or globally. With constant innovation, we help our clients realize the challenges of their specific business by delivering targeted insights into their real time business figures to improve processes and increase productivity. Contact us today to transform your traditional business processes to the cloud allowing you to take informed business decisions across the enterprise to support growth and improved customer relations.

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Key areas we focus for Business Analytics:
Functional Analytics
Systematic and inter disciplinary analysis of the factors affecting the cost of your product or services, in order to devise means of achieving the business goals most economically maintaining high standards of quality & reliability
Industry Analytics
Full clarity by analyzing data of recent industry trends, user behavior & preferences, market competition and consumer acceptance.
Qualitative Analysis
Identify key performance indicators by Qualitative Analysis to improve business processes and deliver highest quality product or services for complete customer retention.
Drive Excellence Across Systems and Processes with AuroSys
  • Vital insights from accurate data analysis
  • Faster and smarter decision making throughout the organization
  • Increases productivity and improved customer satisfaction
  • Organizational & Machine learning simplifies reporting
  • Follow churn modeling for higher consumer retention ratios
  • Understand customer behavior and purchase patterns
  • Smarter Detection Of Risks
  • Prioritized Workloads
  • Monitored Progress and KPI’s
  • Detection Of Patterns to Initiate Required Actions
  • Aggregated and Correlated Information Availability
  • Optimized Processes and Performances
  • Identity Insights and Relationships Insights Of Data Sets
  • Identify Suspicious Business Trends Before Incurring Losses
  • Achieve Improved Collaboration and Control Over Business Systems
  • Embed Logic into Case Management Systems For Smoother Business Processes

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