Every gadget around us now got an edge of internet connectivity, right?
So, we have a whole new connected reality in place. This is why IoT is rapidly transforming into IoE (Internet of Everything). It provides a powerful mechanism to connect different objects and things with the internet and take advantage of smart technology, enabling devices to also communicate with each other and exchange large amounts of information, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Each device connected with the Internet can represent itself digitally and no longer just connects to the user but also to other devices and databases in the network.
How about getting help from experts who are into IoT & M2M verticals, ever since they becoming recognised forces of the technology evolution?
Well, AuroSys as a pioneer leading IoT Solutions provider has helped make connectivity become richer and more contextual even before the term “Internet Of Things” was coined. AuroSys was originally founded as a Embedded Systems Designing & Development company and inspired by the growing business needs of our customers, AuroSys evolved into a complete solution provider gaining immense experience in Chip Level Programming, Embedded Hardware & Software, Firmware/APIs Development, Mobility, Big Data & Cloud Solutions, SDK Development and more to empower our global clients, that leverage our expertise and automate business processes to reduce costs and maximize revenues.
Our Technical Skills
Technical skill is invaluable for effective IoT implementation, isn’t it?

At AuroSys, we possess expertise across all the following skillsets:

  • WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth (BLE5), Beacons, Zigbee, Zwave, M2M
  • Low Power RF Connectivity Engineering:-LoRa, LTE, Dash7 etc.
  • Board Design and Firmware Development
  • Schematics Design, Multi-layer PCB Design & Fabrication
  • Component Sourcing & PCB Assembly
  • Platforms: ARM7, 9 & 11, Cortex-M3, M4 & M0+, AVR32, PIC32 and many more
  • Cloud platforms – AWS, Windows Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Apps and Force.com
  • Vectorcast Software Validation for Class A and B Wearable & Medical Devices
  • Java, MyBatis, RESTful, RESTEasy, Hibernate, Device I/O, etc.
  • SQL, Big Data, NoSQL, MongoDB, DataScience, Hadoop
  • iOS, Android, J2ME, Windows, Linux, JQuery Mobile
  • Interface: SDIO, SPI, USB, UART
  • Connectivity Input-Output Integrations

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AuroSys’ Areas of Expertise
AuroSys has proven expertise across several areas of IoT, as follows
  • Turnkey Product Development –From R&D, Proof of Concept, Embedded Development to UI/UX Design, Software/OS Development, Release and Manufacturing
  • Product Architecture Designing & Defining Software/Hardware System Requirements
  • Prototyping with full scalability for future enhancements
  • Hardware Designing, Development& Testing
  • Embedded Chip Board Designing & Firmware Development
  • Web & Mobile Interfaces
  • Hardware/Software Integration & Performance Testing
  • FCC/CE/IC Compliance Certification
Some of our recent accomplishments
Do you want to know some of our accomplishments in IoT developments in recent times?

Let us offer here a few here.

  • A Multi Radio IoT Gateway/Bridge
  • PaaS – Connected Home and Connected Home Monitoring Client
  • PaaS –A Internet of Everything (IoE) Platform & its Mobile Client
  • PaaS –BLE Beacons for advanced Tracking & Mapping
  • Connected Health Sensors – Wearable Patch & Sensor Validation
  • ZigBee based IoT for Energy generation monitoring cloud

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