We experience multimedia at every walk of life, incessantly, isn’t it?

Multimedia is indeed an important aspect of our lives in many ways. In these modern times, every business or person is mostly dependant on Multimedia for marketing, advertising, communication, entertainment, etc. The multimedia products of today may be delivered over the Internet, on a CD-ROM, video, DVD disc, or some other mediated forms. The content is most often instructional, informational, commercial, entertainment or game based.

While multimedia has become common and widespread, to shape an effective and standout multimedia presence you need experts. At AuroSys, we ensure this with our specialized and most experienced multimedia professionals serving both front end services as well as the hardware solutions like board design, chip level, firmware, driver, SDKs, applications and UI/UX of interfaces. While AuroSys helps clients edit various raw video and audio, it also offers expertise in developing and modifying animations, whether they are for advanced computer programs, interactive web features or flash-based advertisements.

AuroSys also seamlessly integrates its services, providing clients with a consistent format throughout a series of products, whether they are web-based, on a device or disk.

Domain Expertise
Let us mention here the key domains our multimedia expertise is already proven and appreciated.
  • Hardware Board Designing
  • On Chip Sensors Expertise
  • IP Video Calling, CSVT
  • CMOS, CCD Sensors with Device Drivers
  • Video & Audio Codecs Porting & Optimization
  • HDMI, DVI, SDI, Composite Video, CVBS, VGA
  • Virtual Game Augmentation
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Object Tracking on Embedded Platforms & Mobile Platforms
  • VOIP – SIP, MGCP, Megaco
  • Android Multi Media Expertise
  • Desktop Screen Warping  - Windows Direct 3D APIs

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Past Experiences

You need experienced hands to build great multimedia solutions capable of delivering apt business needs, right?

Well, here we provide the key areas of our experience in multimedia solutions offering:

  • Battery Operated Camera for Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Camera Module for Automotive Application
  • HDMI WiFi Media Player
  • IoT Based Video Surveillance
  • Silicon Validation of Multimedia SoCs
  • Designing of Camera Boards & LCD

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