Key Things to Know About Android Smartphone Industry

If you have not lived the life of a caveman in all these years, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard about Android. It is the world’s most popular mobile operating system which powers vast majority of mobile devices. Making its debut way back in 2008 it was seen by any web or mobile development company as an effort to deliver an affordable mobile solution with numerous affordable gadgets in complete contrast to the high end and premium iOS platform and iPhone device.

But within a span of just five years it continued to grow and eventually became the most popular OS platform for vast majority of mobile devices in the market and at present it is the most versatile mobile platform running highest number of handheld devices across staggering array of brands and manufactures.

  • Android Represents A Software Revolution

Android is considered to be a paradigm shift for the software industry as a whole. Ever since Android came as a big way to push the boundaries for the software industries, a lot of new terminologies and concepts have been coined. From software development perspective the coming of Android signifies a whole array of new concepts.

There have been a lot of reasons that played a crucial role in the popularity of Android apps development. The most important factor is obviously the free and open source character of the platform. When iOS was a single device focused platform which was practically meant for iPhone alone, Android was the mobile platform that was embraced by vast majority of mobile device manufacturers all over the globe. This adaption by numerous devices practically helped the growth of Android to an unprecedented level.

Another major factor behind the popularity of Android is the huge creative scope and technical excellence that first generation mobile developers could easily achieve. Android having enjoyed the backing of Java developers and later on Google developer team always took on the latest and cutting edge technology that saw it evolving through an array of versions. This continuous enrichment and value additions ultimately placed the platform at par with the dominant iOS and even in leading position in some respects. A whole array of Android customization services also helped the proliferation of the platform.

  • More Scopes Of Personalisation

Android as an OS platform for majority of smartphones offered more scopes of personalised user experience than any other platforms. It is more flexible, adaptable and scalable to accommodate diverse consumer needs. With Android users can have higher ease of use and far better control over their handheld devices. Moreover, Android apps always appear to have more semblance with web pages than apps on any other platforms. This helped many web users feel at ease while using Android devices.

  • Important Facts To Remember

The boom experienced by the Android smartphone industry is spanned over several years and there are few milestones and facts that explain this growth story better.

As per the latest available statistics, at the end of 2017 more than 75% of all active smartphones are run on Android and unquestionably it is the leading platform in terms of usage, outreach and user base. Even in a iPhone and iOS dominated market like the US, more than 48% of smartphones are run on Android.

Khushboo Jobanputra
Khushboo Jobanputra
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