The Cost Of BYOD For Businesses: A Deeper Look Into Things As They Stand
Jul 27,2016

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is invincible, we all know that. We are already aware of the importance of coming to terms with mobile devices in workplaces.  Well, while we all know the role of BYOD in enterprise mobility, there are few challenges faced by the administrators. What do you think is the biggest hurdle in BYOD implementation? It is mostly about the huge cost that enterprises feel apprehensive when considering BYOD. But while concluding the recent analysis, you cannot do away without BYOD simply because it represents the demands of the reality. Today most of the mobile and web solutions providers across enterprises have to take mobile devices in workplace and BYOD more seriously than ever. How cost intensive is BYOD? Let us have a deeper look at the cost factors for BYOD.

The Cost Incurred By Workplace Computers

Workplace Computers

Can you think of your office desk minus the desktop or company owned laptop? Yes, still now the majority of workplaces depend on these devices at the workplace. Mobile devices, simply cannot replace of these devices because of the huge hardware cost already incurred by the company. On top of that, there is IT maintenance cost for all the company-owned devices and cost of manpower looking after these devices.

The Additional Cost Of MDM

Mobile Device Management or MDM solution is invincible for allowing workforce and business partners connect business and workflow on their handheld devices. But, it is incurred on top of the traditional IT cost. To put it simply, while you cannot replace your traditional IT infrastructure, you need to bear the excess cost of MDM simply to keep yourself on track of enterprise mobility.

Cost For Security And Help Desk

Security and Help Desk

Most enterprises while moving to BYOD take extra responsibilities and expenses for enterprise security and workforce managing the help desk. This is significant overhead cost as BYOD cannot be implemented properly without support for BYOD users. Some of the additional costs for BYOD implementation include the cost for upgrading help desk procedures for BYOD initiative, the cost for new user documentation and building help desk knowledge base, the cost for updated BYOD training to IT security workforce and time to time updating of new security measures to address the shortcomings.

Some Hidden Costs For Backend

Well, implementation of the BYOD policy apart, there are other hidden backend costs to meet the challenges of enterprise software licensing and for ensuring increased network traffic. Maybe these costs can only be validated after a thorough upfront analysis, but it makes nevertheless a significant cost overhead on the company’s IT budget.

Hey! Do you think so much cost incurred by the BYOD would make enterprises take a negative or skeptic approach to it? Calm down and give it a deeper thought and you will understand that how indomitable a role today BYOD plays in the progress of the enterprise mobility.


So, there is no question of BYOD getting rebuked by the enterprises, rather with every passing day it would carry more importance and become rigorous. With the enterprise mobility is getting robust and multifarious, and IoT continuing to play a bigger role in the interaction savvy business applications and interfaces, BYOD will only get stronger. We recommend you to embrace BYOD before your business looks outdated.



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